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Feb 06, 2016
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Tanya's Corridor contains articles written by Tanya Pinto, a 3rd year medical student studying in Canada. The articles aim to explore real life situations and experiences that often encounter our young. Remarks on the articles are encouraged and can be posted under "Comment on this Article".
Our Father Who Art in Heaven  By: Tanya Pinto, Canada
I always consistently find that it is children who ask the most thought provoking questions. During the prayer, "Our Father who art in Heaven", I heard one of the children in church in front of me, who could not have been more than four or five years old, turn to her mother and ask her "Who is the Father in Heaven?" Her mother informed her that the word

Minding Samuel  By: Tanya Pinto, Canada
The end of the year is always a busy week. It is holiday time. Our working ethos slows down and certainly the ebb and flow of work seems to have a quickened pace. I had a seminar on Mindfulness to attend that day later, so my day was going to be packed between seeing my old patients and going to this

A Father's Love  By: Tanya Pinto, Canada
It is a hot day and the sun is burning a hole in the ground. He wipes his forehead and the sweat runs down his hand. The bus is packed with people. There is no room to sit. He feels like a sardine, jammed against the others. He wishes he could sit. It has been a tiring day at work. In his mind he goes over

The Book Of Life  By: Tanya Pinto, Canada
Being on call is one of the most difficult aspects of being a physician. When most are in their bed sleeping, I often find myself jolted from the fog of sleepiness and fatigue. On one such call night, I was paged about a young man who just turned twenty. He was brought in by his family because he had overdosed on the

A Hindi Connection  By: Tanya Pinto, Canada
I looked at the lone stretcher in the room. On it was a young Indian man, in his early 20s, writhing in pain with a bloody mess of bandages around his right arm. Dr. Brown motioned me to the side of the patient, her voice muffled under the green surgeon's mask and said, "This young man was in a horrible work related accident. He has severely injured his right arm. He does not speak any English. He is from Punjab in India. We have no way of communicating with him...

Dad's Day  By: Tanya Pinto, Canada
After my own dad’s death, I think what I miss most is his phone call at the end of the day where dad and I would go over my days events, most of which were mundane, but he nevertheless seemed interested. He would always end the conversation with one question. “Everything ok?” The answer to this particular question was always essential to him. And if I ever said things were not ok, dad would always find a way to make it ok, or at least try. I

Celebrating Mangalorean.Com  By: Tanya Pinto, Canada
"Sounds like a lot of work," I said to Roshan on the phone as he finished explaining to me the time consuming details of setting up a web portal for Mangaloreans worldwide. "Why would you want to do something like this?" I asked him and like any true product of today's culture, I also added, "What do you get out of doing something like this?"..

A Eulogy For my Father  By: Tanya Pinto, Canada
It was a great shock to me to lose my father, Joe Pinto. He died young, at the age of 56, from a heart attack. Nothing can prepare someone for such an event. The support from friends and family has been a tremendous source of strength throughout this difficult time. This comes as just as much a shock to those who knew him as it did to me, as he always active and full of life. Trying to rationalize its occurrence has only brought more questions than answers....

A Balancing Act  By: Tanya Pinto, Canada
I was led into a large boardroom and asked to sit anywhere I wanted. I thought it would be best if I sat across from those interviewing me. I was asked the usual questions, why are you interested in coming here, tell me about yourself, and then half way through the interview, they asked how I intended to balance my professional life with my personal life. Balance. The last time I heard that word was a few weeks ago...

A Hairy Flaw  By: Tanya Pinto, Canada
I had not seen Smita since her vacation to India. I remember her being very excited about her trip. She had not seen her family and friends since she had left India eight years ago when she was 17. She had just returned two days ago. I was looking forward to seeing her and hearing the latest news, as she and I are from the same place. Plus I had also asked her to get some items for me from India. So, I went to her apartment to see her and do some catching-up. When I saw her, the very first words out of my mouth were..

Mixing A Marriage  By: Tanya Pinto, Canada
I am always astounded whenever I hear Vijay’s opinions. They always seem to be out of the Dark ages. Certainly on many occasions after talking with him, I feel that he was born in the wrong millennium. All of us were sitting in our cafeteria discussing our group’s latest developments. We had learned recently that Rajesh, one of our colleagues, was getting a divorce. This had come as a shock to all of us except Vijay of course. He had predicted their divorce, and he was reminding us of this.

Nisha's Marriage  By: Tanya Pinto, Canada
The question was burning a hole inside of me. I wanted to ask Nisha why she is getting married to this guy, of all guys, and was thinking about how to approach the subject more tactfully. In the end I gave up after a rather ridiculous long pause between the two of us as she was waiting for me to respond and so I just asked her. Living with his parents and him. So, this was going to be a joint family situation. Now she would be expected to contribute to the housework, the catering business etc? Could she really just pursue her studies? I was not sure....

Daddy's Girl  By: Tanya Pinto, Canada
There were only three lines written in the e-mail from one of my best friends. “Call Lina. Her father had a heart attack. He is in the hospital.” I was stunned. Lina’s father was as “old school” as you can get. He was highly controlling of his daughter’s personal and professional life. She lived with her parents and everywhere she went her father wanted to know where she was going and what time she would be back. In university, she never came to any late night parties. She wasn’t allowed to go out at night. ...

A Career Clown  By: Tanya Pinto, Canada
It was a lovely dinner. Vera is a great cook and I thoroughly enjoyed her Goan fish curry, fragrant biryani and her newest fare, cassava cake, which was deliciously soft. The conversation around the dinner table was entertaining as always. Alvin made us laugh till we almost choked. He seems to have a gift for comedy. I was having a great time with no awkward moments until the moment when I was emptying my leftovers into the dustbin and Vera had asked to speak with me in private in hushed tones. The last time she had asked to speak with me in private...

Out of Left Field  By: Tanya Pinto, Canada
It was a lady in her 30’s. She had a daughter who had cerebral palsy requiring tremendous care, and she herself was just diagnosed with cancer, plus she was caring for a father who had just suffered a paralyzing stroke. She had no other family who could help her. Just hearing her story had made me feel sorry for her. I had asked her a question screening for depression. I had asked her if she ever felt so low that she thought that life was not worth living...

The 3 C’s  By: Tanya Pinto, Canada
“If my husband treated me as if it was Valentine’s Day every day I would be a much happier person,” pronounced Mrs. Beck after throwing a derisive glance in the direction of her husband who was sitting on the opposite end of the couch. “Do you not agree with me young lady?” she said looking squarely at me. I looked instead at her husband, and both of us shared a look of embarrassment and discomfort....

Laura’s Future  By: Tanya Pinto, Canada
It was a cold snowy evening in April and Laura was to be my last student of the day. Laura had come on time as usual but right from the beginning I knew something was wrong. She had not smiled once and she was not her usual chatty self. She sat listening to my lecture on polynomials in silence. I had asked if anything is wrong and she replied “No”. I decided not to press the issue although something was clearly bothering her. I continued to talk and then I stopped mid-way in sentence as I noticed tears rolling down her cheek...

A Conversation Over Lunch  By: Tanya Pinto, Canada
“I will never forget what my mother told me when I had turned 16,” Dr. Harris said. “She made me promise that in my life I would be something, that I would do something that would enable me to stand on my own feet. Be in a position in life where a man, my husband or boyfriend or whatever, would never have to tell me what I can and cannot do, what I can spend and not spend. She wanted me to be in a position where I could stand beside my man and not behind him and if need be, without him.” I told her how her mother sounded just like my father. She laughed at that...

Failing in Love: Possibility or Implausibility?  By: Tanya Pinto, Canada
“I don’t agree with the last line,” my friend shot back. The topic of our discussion was the passage found in the Bible in Corinthians 13:4-8: Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails..

Far From Home  By: Tanya Pinto, Canada
Talking to a friend last week I felt at a loss in trying to make him feel any better. He has been living in North America for close to three years and he was missing his parents and friends back in India. He was living the life most of us live here but without the network of support that is necessary to lend meaning and sustenance to life. He worked from 9 in the morning till evening, only to as he put it “come home to an empty house”....

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