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Feb 10, 2016

Energy Medicine

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By Dr. B. M. Hegde, India [ Published Date: August 26, 2010 ]

"Intellectual integrity made it quite impossible for me to accept the myths and dogmas of even very great scientists, more particularly of the belligerent and so-called advanced nations. Indeed, those intellectuals who accepted them were abdicating their functions for the joy of feeling themselves at one with the herd." -- Bertrand Russell (1872-1969)

"Knowledge advances NOT by repeating known facts but, by REFUTING false dogmas," wrote Karl Popper years ago. With the advent of chemical molecules in treatment of diseases, starting with Nujol, in the early part of the last century, modern medicine seems to be bogged down to pharmaceuticals, radiation energy and surgery as the only modalities of disease management. Mankind, however, had existed for thousands of years before the advent of modern medicine. Diseases are also not new. The first myocardial infarction was discovered in a young Chinese woman buried under the snow for more than 2500 years. Our ancients in all cultures including the Arabic medicine, which had its golden years under Ibn Siena, had effective treatment methods, most of them based on some sort of subtle energy systems. Recent scientific revelations show that almost all modern medical reductionist pharmaceutical molecules aimed at any target, would only damage the human cells, the foundation stone of the human body, while the ancient Indian and Chinese herbal drugs improve the working of the human cells and thereby relieve patients of their sufferings. (1) Modern medicine has not been a boon to mankind as per the recent audits in the west. (2) The Institute of Medicine in the US, an audit body created but the Academy of science there has now accepted in their recent meeting the new word:  "Whole Person Healing" as a valid method for the future instead of the reductionist linear thinking as of now.

This brings us to the science of energy as it is understood today. E=MC2  applies only in a very limited way to the world. Energy and matter are but the two faces of the same coin at the subatomic world of particles like electrons, protons and neutrons. E=M (a-duality) is the new formula devised by Huns Peter Duerr, the present Emeritus President of the Max Planck Institute of Physics in Munich. (3) Hans Peter succeeded Werner Heisenberg as the President and started life with Albert Einstein himself at the same institute. This would explain the science behind the energy medicines that our ancestors believed in. This universe is but a bundle of energy which could be converted into matter at the subatomic level. So is the human body- a bundle of jumping leptons (lepto-quarks), the last known bits of matter. Where did these protons, neutrons and electrons come from still remains an enigma for conventional physics but is being explained by great scientists in the past like Edwin Babbit, Charles Leadbeater and Annie Besant who migrated from Cambridge department of physics, to study Yoga in India.

Way back in 1920, Leadbeater and Besant wrote a book Occult Chemistry where they have graphically described the atomic structure of nine elements from Hydrogen to Helium using their Yogic stance state where in they could see inside an atom and they could also see that the leptons came from another world like smoke through a key hole. The book is being republished many times over with comments from leading physicists. (4) The present model of an atom fits in more with this theory in comparison to the conventional Niels Bohr theory of an atom. This view also fits the bill correctly with the present Superstring theory. It is now accepted that the energy known to science-electromagnetic, nuclear and gravitational-is just but 5% of the total energy of this universe. Rest of it is a combination of dark matter and dark energy. So the existence of dark energy is a scientific reality now!

Energy Medicine:

With this scientific background readers will now understand the efforts being made all over the world to use subtle energy (both known and unknown) in healing. Human body, being a bundle of energy particles that are in constant motion, (man looks solid, though) diseases are viewed as altered energy patterns, and not as organ based disorders. Russian scientists have been able to anlayse the patterns but, that has not come to main line science yet. Vladimir Voiekov, a professor at the Central Biological Institute in Moscow, is at the forefront of this new research. We were lecturing together last month in San Diego and he showed us how the water molecules in the human body could be utilized for therapeutic purposes using subtle energy. The proceedings are in the press. (5) Many other subtle energy (dark energy) methods have been investigated scientifically but that goes beyond the purview of this editorial. I shall deal with only known subtle energy patterns in human healing. The extensively investigated method is the use of electromagnetic energy in human healing.

Every human cell has a hard ware in the mitochondria and other morphologically identifiable parts while the soft ware is in the cytoplasm in the form of nearly 10,000 proteins which act like energy transducers converting the electromagnetic energy from the sun (which keeps all of us alive) to the hard ware to work. Damaged cells, irrespective of whether it is ischaemia, injury, inflammation or any other cause, can not make use of the sunís energy. Electromagnetic energy in concentrated form could be used to rejuvenate the damaged cells. We have been working with a new device, invented by Late Dr. Glen Gordon of NASA fame, called Em Probe, which generates electromagnetic energy to be delivered as a pulse to avoid heating the area too much.

The device is like a cell phone which works on a 9 volt battery. The energy delivered could be directed at the damaged organ, heart or brain, or any other part of the body. To date we have had 159 patients treated with excellent results using this method for diseases ranging from acute heart attacks, brain attacks, stable angina, neurological degenerations, wound healing, opening up collaterals in near complete atherosclerotic occlusion of the abdominal aorta and even acute trans-section of the spinal cord, disc prolapse and many other conditions associated with acute inflammation. The series is separately published and a couple of case reports are already accepted for publication by Cases Journal in London. (6)
The transducer proteins in the cytoplasm mainly are HSP70, nitric oxide synthase and VEGF 165 gene protein. All these work through this energy pattern and new vessels grow so fast that the area gets extra blood supply. The HSP 70 protein works on the same principle as our old grannyís wisdom of hot packs for pain relief. HSP (Heat Shock Protein or Stress Relief Protein) has been studied extensively in conventional medicine. So is the nitric oxide synthase that eventually increases the nitric oxide production almost 1000 times giving the much needed endothelium dependent relaxing factor to the vascular endothelium (EDRF) while VEGF 165 stimulates neo-angiogenesis.

Many other methods are in use which need further evaluation and authentication. We are in the process of doing just that. Leading laboratories in the USA are helping authenticate subtle energy methods. We have been able to complete the work on Praanic Healing using fMRI. Sound and light energy has also been evaluated. Subtle energy imprinted creams and water have been examined and found to be very effective, but this editorial would want to highlight only the electromagnetic energy as it can be measured by conventional physics as well. We have a new journal to publish these data to get over the conventional peer review methods that can not assess new knowledge as peers also have only read the known stuff. Recently peer review system has come under attack for good reasons! That is for another occasion. Our journal has an editorial board that reads like the who-is-who of modern science from all the Continents. These people review each submission based on their specialization. Some of them are Nobel Laureates themselves.

Like the Spanish flag which had the insignia Ne Plus Ultra (No more beyond) before Christopher Columbus discovered the New World, we, in modern medicine, have the same attitude to all other modalities of treatment. There is a lot more than what meets the eye in this world of human wellness and illness. Unless we change our attitude like the Spanish did with their flag after the discovery of the New World, where the present insignia reads simply Plus Ultra (more beyond), we, in modern medicine, have to accept that there is a lot more beyond (Plus Ultra) the tips of our noses.

"All great truths begin as blasphemies. "-- George Bernard Shaw

Click Here for more Information on HSP70 Scientific Resource

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Professor BM Hegde, India :
Dear Maya,

I have retired from Manipal seven years ago.

How I wish I had that kind of power! Of course, I have written to the GOI and the Planning Commission about that with no response from either!

Please remember that the true science of man is only about the mass of energy that man is with his consciousness. It does not require a new course. The present medical course needs to be revamped to make it safe and patient friendly to do most good to most people most of the time.

We are publishing an international journal used only to publish cutting edge research with an editorial board of fifteen scientists including some Nobel Laureates. They had asked me to be the editor in chief with Rustum Roy as the co editor, until his death last month. May his soul rest in peace. (

Dear Dr. Savitha Bhat,

Regarding Homeopathy, unfortunately, none of the "great" homeopaths responded to a series of articles in The Guardian in London last year announcing the Death of Homeopathy.

I had to stand up and write a reply "In Defense of Homeopathy," which could be accessed on the internet. I had lots of brick bats thrown at me for that article by my colleagues in modern medicine.

The great science of homoepathy, as revealed by one of the greatest scientific brains in the world, Late Professor Rustum Roy of Penn. State University, and the father of nano science, has to be studied in detail before some one jumps to the conclusion that homeopathy is simple energy medicine. It is not as simple as that.

Homeopathy has a robust scientific base. Even the placebo effect has been now scientifically confirmed in the laboratory. There is a lot more to homeopathy than what meets the eye.

American Homeopathic Association was started in the 19th century by a group of modern medical physicians who were fed up with their own craft at the time. It was only 40 years later that the American Medical Association was created to counter the growing influence of homeopathy on patients!

How I wish they teach the scientific basis of homeopathy in the Homepopathy Colleges, many of which I had visited to talk to staff and PGs, including their National Institute to deliver an oration where I had advised them to have a separate research wing. Real research is not repeating what others have done. That is only \"me too\" or repetitive research. We need refutative research that would demolish all false myths in any area.

\"Disagreement is the basis of all progress.\" Karl Popper also wrote that \"knowledge advances NOT by repeating known facts but, by refuting false dogmas.\"
savitha bhat, India :
Thanks to Dr Hegde for an enlightening article. But there is already an energy medicine widely prevelant which uses the concept of treating 'whole person' with beautiful principles for curing, which does not use alpha, beta or gamma rays but electromagnetic waves but which is miserably failing in UK and other countries because it is subjected to wrong practice by 99% of physicians everywhere. It readily fails when given wrongly. Do we know that there is absolutely no known cure in Ayurveda or unani or siddha for renal failure except transplantation in allopathic branch. But many do not know that this energy branch has the answer. We have to give Hypericum 30th potency once daily for one month by when the kidney structures miraculously re-form. But if the patient has already taken medicine out of this branch in wrong fashion in the past, he will not respond any longer to this branch. Which is this branch failing across the globe because of wrong human application? Which is this beautiful branch masking our vision while all long it is laid stretched out before us? The books of which we just do not open and read? It is Homeopathy.
Maya, India :
why is Energy medicine not a post graduate degree in Manipal? you should introduce it, sir!!
James Fernandes/Barkur, USA :
If you do not get admission for Medicine in Madras, open your own Medical College.
If the TV station does not give coverage to your village, open a TV station in your own backyard.
If a religion does not recognize your charitable contribution, start your own religion.
If the neighbor does not let you sit in his car because your shoes are dirty, then buy your own car. (Shoes get dirty, anyway.)
If a particular Journal takes its own sweet time to peer-review and publish, (by the time the ambulance arrives, itís time for a hearse to follow or in other words, itís time to archive that about to get outdated manuscript,); itís better to start your own Journal. Yes, sir, what a brilliant thought PUT in action; better late than never!

Please don't hide your special candles under the bushels. Thank you.
SHENOY R, India :
VEGF 165 stimulates neo-angiogenesis-Prof Hegde

Avastin or Bevacizumab switches of the VEGF signal. This property is made use of in advanced colon cancer where it is combined with chemotherapy. Avastin is also used in breast cancer, lung cancer. renal cell carcinomas. It is used in ophthalmic practice. Obviously it is teratogenic as well. Thalidomide tragedy is too well known. That was because of angiogenesis inhibition. This property is made use of in the management of multiple myelomas now.

More on VEGF later.
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