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Feb 10, 2016

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Pakistan - A Rogue and Failed State

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By Nelson Lewis, Bahrain [ Published Date: June 19, 2011 ]

A few years before India achieving independence, the leaders of the All India Muslim League (founded in 1906) got hooked to the idea of creating a separate land for Muslims.  Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who had entered into politics in 1905, strongly believed in Hindu-Muslim unity and a slow, gradual and peaceful change leading to transfer of power and independence, rather than the civil disobedience movement adopted by Mahatma Gandhi.  Thereafter, when Jinnah became the head of the All India Mulsim League, he got enthusiastic about the idea of a separate land for Muslims in 1940, realizing the golden opportunity to become the leader of that yet-to-be born land and demanded a separate State for Muslims, i.e. Pakistan. 

This became possible with the two principal actors, chiefly Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Mr. Mohammed Ali Jinnah, being power hungry and both of them finding it impossible to be leaders of the pre-partition India at the same time - when it became free after the colonial masters left  were agreeable to the idea of carving the Indian subcontinent into two separate countries – one with Hindus majority and other with Muslim majority – to achieve their selfish interests.  Simply speaking, both Nehru and Jinnah were very greedy for power and contrary to what some sources say, Mahatma Gandhi was totally against partitioning of India and became broken hearted and devastated when partitioning of the Indian subcontinent became a reality.  Mahatma Gandhi had gone to the extent of pleading with Nehru to allow Jinnah to be the leader of India, once it became independent, rather than partitioning it.

Mr. Mohammed Ali Jinnah, whom Pakistanis revere as the father of the nation was the most improbable leader to head the country.  Jinnah was one of the most fluent speakers and writers of English in the British Empire, always dressed in Saville Row suits (and wore Sherwanis just a little over a year or so, before he died), drank whisky day-in, day-out, chain smoked “Craven” cigarettes, avoided attending mosques, could not write and read Urdu and shaved daily.  Had his doctor, a Hindu, revealed to the outside world that his famous patient  was suffering from tuberculosis and would, at best, survive for a year or a year-and-a-half, probably the political scenario would have taken a different turn.  In fact, his doctor had advised Jinnah to quit politics, alcohol and take complete rest to recover from this disease or he would not live long. 

On 14th August 1947, when Lord Louis Mountbatten handed over the partitioned territory to Jinnah, the latter spoke to the newly born nation in English (and not Urdu).  Further, Jinnah was a Shia and not a Sunni.  Though a brilliant lawyer, however, by all accounts, he was the most improbable leader to lead an Islamic country.  However, compared to all the Pakistani leaders that came after him, including the military strongmen or dictators and self-styled Field Marshals, he was secular.

Since 1958, when the self-styled Field Marshal Ayub Khan took over power in a coup, Pakistan has ceased being a democracy and has been under military rule.  Pakistan has had hotchpotch democracies under Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif and presently under Yousuf Raza Gilani, but they were (or are) pseudo and sham democracies that have only functioned with the Army Chief’s or Army’s nod and existed just in name. 

Any foreign Heads of the States or senior politicians visiting Pakistan meet the Army Chief and spend more time with him, rather than the President or the Prime Minister.  Many a times, when the so called civilian Government’s President or Prime Minister is on a foreign visit, it is not surprising that the Army Chief is also a member of a delegation.  That simply goes on to show to what extent the Pakistani military establishment is well entrenched and powerful in Pakistan.  If one is talking about democracy, can one think of an Army or Service Chief wielding power or having any power at all under a civilian government, be it U.S.A., U.K., France, Australia, India, Germany or any genuine democracy?  In democracies, the Armed Forces are totally under civilian control and they take their orders from their political masters.  The Army Chief is supreme in Pakistan and this itself is an insult to democracy.

The architect of the Kargil crisis was the ex-Army Chief, Gen. Pervez Musharraf who, since being forced out, has taken refuge in the United Kingdom, where he is enjoying his ill-gotten wealth, so much for calling himself the saviour of Pakistan.  When the Kargil crisis was planned and hatched by Gen. Musharraf, the then Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, did not know what was going on and there was nothing that he could do to rope in the General.  Finally, Nawaz Sharif’s Government was toppled in a coup and Gen. Musharraf took over power and clung to it for many years, till he became very unpopular and had to step down and run away to the U.K. to live in exile there.

Sadly, the Indian Governments have not realized that Pakistan does not have a democracy and it is the Pakistani Army Chief who is the most powerful man in the country and the President and Prime Minister are non-entities there and, on their own, they are incapable of doing anything to improve Pakistan or the lot of the people, like say closing the Madrassas, handing over the terrorists that India has been demanding and engaging and liquidating the terrorists that have become a scourge to their nation. 

The Pakistani Army and the I.S.I. are the Godfathers’ of these terrorists.  The sooner the Indian Government realizes that it is not worth living in a fool’s paradise and living on hopes like keeping the Pakistani authorities engaged in talks, etc. to achieve results when, in fact, these authorities do not have any power, but have to do what the Army wants.  Ask the present Pakistani Foreign Secretary, Salman Bashir, who makes loud noises and squeals a lot, if he is talking on behalf of the Government or after taking clearances from the Army Chief before opening his mouth? 

Being commissioned as an Officer in the Pakistani Army is a bonanza itself:  Officers enjoy immense benefits, privileges and power (compared to their civilian counterparts).  These privileges may be earned or got by hook or crook.  All this is achieved by its bullying ways and not relinquishing power to serve and take orders from a civilian government control. 

In short, terrorists and undesirables who do harm and attack targets in India or abroad have the full backing and the blessings of the Pakistani Army and the I.S.I., and those elements that are fighting the Pakistani Army and the I.S.I., then they have to face the latter’s wrath. 

Pakistan has not used its resources and the bountiful foreign aid that it receives from foreign donors in the right way, i.e. setting up quality educational institutions, controlling its population, improving its infrastructure, trying to industrialise, trying to modernize and increase its agricultural output, providing clean drinking water, promoting tourism, etc. 

Today, Pakistan is known all across the world for all the wrong reasons.  This country’s countless misguided, illiterate, disgruntled and impoverished youth are highly malleable and right raw materials in the hands of the mullahs, Pakistani Army and I.S.I., who have transformed them into terrorists with a short shelf life, because quite a number of them get killed in encounters with the Indian Army, B.S.F., U.S. drone attacks and in other actions and the Pakistani press communiqués praise their deaths by saying that they have achieved martyrdom.

Today, Pakistan is considered as a rogue and failed state and every cent given to Pakistan by the U.S.A. and other donors need to be thoroughly checked, audited and accounted for, because out of the billions of dollars of aid that Pakistan gets, quite a bit of it is pocketed by the powerful, rather than being spent on people or fighting terrorism, some spent on anti-terrorist activities and quite a bit spent on buying arms for confronting India. 

Since achieving independence on 14/08/1947, has Pakistan made any progress on the economic, industrial, agricultural, cultural or any other fronts?  The answer is an emphatic no.  Pakistan is known internationally as the state that sponsors terrorists.  Even their cricketers have gained notoriety for match fixing and other irregularities.

Pakistani expatriates living and working abroad are desperate to take citizenship of whichever countries they are living as expatriates or try to immigrate to countries in the west or elsewhere.  If you talk to them and ask them why they do not wish to settle down in Pakistan, they say that they are just fed up with the deteriorating law and order situation there, where terrorism, murders, looting and other unlawful things are the order of the day and there is no future left for them and their families.  They are simply a disillusioned lot.  They further say that the Pakistani politicians are very corrupt, live luxurious lives and are totally oblivious to the sufferings of the people.


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Nelson Lewis, Bahrain :
I have to thank all the readers for their comments, irrespective of the fact that they were savoury, unsavoury or comments made by writers, who do not know anything, but merely wish to comment.

Nelson Lewis
S.Shetty, USA :
Excellent article and 100% true, keep it coming Nelson Lewis. I wish if some STRONG leader like Subash chandra Bose of Vallab Patel had become independent India's PM instead of weak Nehru, India would now have been a developed country long back.
vikram shetty, Dubai, UAE:
As an Indian expatriate living in a cosmopolitan society of Dubai, I work in an organization where we have a huge section of the Pakistani expats working over here .With reference to this article I personally feel that the new generation from Pakistan have a positive mindset and perception about India which might primarily be due to better education and awareness about world affairs which they have received in the modern world as compared to their parents and I can see that there is a genuine and a sincere desire in their hearts to bring a positive change in their society which in the near future will deifintely improve the trust factor and the bilateral relations between our countries.
Bhatt, USA :
Good article.But fails to mention three factors.
1.Today the Islamic world blames the West for all the ills for breaking the Turkish Caliphate in to a dozen states in 1918. At that time the Indian Subcontinent and South East Asia were two remaining Islamic strongholds. British needed a plan to break that stronghold, Then came the 1942 Quit India Resolution( opposing the war, but the British still got 5.5 million Indian soldiers for the war) which came handy for the British to jail all Congress leaders which gave a free hand to Muslim League Leaders who were free to instill fear in Muslim Masses \" Islam is in Danger \" When the war was over Polarization was complete. But Nehru and Jinnah were still working on some formula short of Partition.
2. Mountbatten then called Nehru to Simla and showed the Top Secret Message from Whitehall.\" If Congress does not agree for Partition in to two, ,give Independence to all big Princely States and get out\" Nehru had to agree for Partition and signed the document and the Viceroy flew to London and announced that Congress agreed for Partition. It was tough sell to Nehru to convince the Working Commitee later.
3.British plan to break the Muslim masses of the subcontinent became easier when Suhrawardy the Chief Minister of Undivided Bengal let loose the police to massacre the Hindus as \" Direct Action\" and riots spread to Bihar and East Bengal and rest is history.
Louis Fernandes, Karachi, Pakistan:
Pakistan has survived, Pakistan will emerge, survive and last till the time this world exists, Pakistan has always opened itfs gate for people in need , (3 million afghans) plus 100Œs of thousands of bengalis and burmese live in Karachi, Pakistan zindabad.
Patrick Saldanha, India :
Good article, I feel what Jinnah had done is good for India else we would be a country of 1.5 Billion by now, Also think about those Pakistanis who can travel freely in India and create Bhendi Bazars all over India, India would not have achieved as what is today.
A. S. Mathew, USA :
Excellent article: touching the long history of Indo-Pak politics. The U.S. stood with Pakistan so blindly when Pakistan joined SEATO while Ayub Khan became the ruler of Pakistan. Even though the U.S. pressured India to join SEATO, Pandit Nehru didn't like it. In the UN, the U.S. took a very solid pro-Pakistan attitude, but when India adopted a free-enterprise capitalist system of business, the U.S. began to change the tune. The U.S. has given away billions of dollars to Pakistan under different title, but now feel very disappointed and making every step to be very closer to India. It is not the people of Pakistan caused this problem, but the highly corrupted and self-centered politicians.
Fayyaz Shah, Pakistan:
Pakistan is not a failed State, the so called leaders/politicians may be failures and were selected to be that so Pakistan can fail but let me tell you the absolute majority of Pakistan's are amazing, one has to come and meet them not to be speculated about from Middle Eastern drawing rooms. By default Pakistan was the commercial Hub for Afghanistan and Central Asia where our fore fathers did trade between Central and south Asia. We were always Allies to the sane countries of the world even when This State will never fail it will play a very mature and fruitful roll in unifying this Region and turning it back to its Golden Bird role. 3rd Party Pakistan, just about every where.
Ravi, Australia :

A very good article to briefly explain this horrendous nation of Pakitan. but please change the caption map as it tends to show Kashmir in purple to the over all green of India.

Kashmir is a territorai and integral part of India that has been illegally taken occupied by Pakistan and China
Praveen Fernandes, India :
I concurr with VN Baliga, India and looking forward to Nelson writing an Article about Bahrain, the place where he currently resides. How the majority Shias are suppressed by Sunnis? Likewise, he would write about Racism in the Middle East in general and Bahrain in particular.
VN Baliga, India :
Drona, it applies for all even for your mates in this forum.
Drona, India :
BN Pai has his own views and you cannot be judgemental about him - V N Baliga

Does it apply only to B N Pai or it applies to all?
DR SUNIL J RAO, Bahrain :
Nelson mam, what Jinnah's idea has achieved is the vivisection of India into 3 parts, a secular India, a muslim pakistan and bangladesh.
What was a large group of muslims in undivided India, about 35 percent of the total population, is now 10-15 percent in India with even small percentages of hindus in pakistan(around 2%).
Does anyone seriously think that such a large muslim population in the subcontinent could have been subjugated by hindus? when even the 10-15 percent in secular India are shining?
Now the pakistanis talk in terms of punjabis versus sindhis versus balochis, versus pashtuns; shias versus sunni, mohajirs versus the others, persecute ahmadis and religious minorities, promote separatism in J&K, etc etc, WHAT POSITIVES HAVE THEY ACHIEVED? It is time for all Indians and Pakistanis to ponder--'HAS THE IDEA OF PAKISTAN FAILED?' A resounding YES I would say.
viren naik, Iran :
Mr Lewis or Mr Lalji what difference does it make. Every Indian will write the same way. It is only the Govt of India that is running after the Mirages. I would blame the media culture of the subcontinent always create sensation around reporting and discussing friction between personalities and never taking up the real issued never explaining to the citizens why the issues are created and how to resolve these. When Barkha Dutt asks stupid questions to the likes of a minister standing in the dock Kapil Sibal who should have been the opening bat of India having mastered the art of dodging issues than what hope do we have. How can she conduct a discussion with the minister on such an important issue with out bringing opposition representation?
Anyway India will be on the right track if less impotance is given to personalities than the constuctive mass education on resolution of causes.
One comment caught my eye flashed on the screen via email message. The Lokpal bill should not have the powers to investigate Prime Minister simply because Rahul Gandhi was being lined up to succeed Manmohan Singh and that too before the next GE. This means that someting is cooking in the Congress camp watchout for the new headlines soon to appear. Satyavati has asked for her son to be the king and not the Vidoorji who is getting old and might give away everything to the Hazare blackmail.
That brings the freeloaders on the scene Ramudevta (Forget about all other titles from now on only this will do) and Hazare wanting to hijack democracy into autorikshacracy do only what I say otherwise I fast like MKG.
Somu, India :
How different is India?
VN Baliga, India :
Nice article Nelson Lewis, please write about Bahrain also, how Bahraini rulers have surpressed the opposition? you can write more about it because you live in that country. We will be glad to read it Nelson.
VN Baliga, India :

If you can have such opinion about BN Pai, why you do hesitate to write about Original Pai also. Are you scared because you also support BJP/RSS goons?

We are living in a democratic country anyone can air their views, remember India is not Bahrain, BN Pai has his own views and you cannot be judgemental about him. In how many instances you have criticized or called spinless of these BJP and RSS thugs?
Fazal, Japan:
Mr. Nelson Lewis comments are very very true.
Drona, India :
Very nice article about Pakistan by Mr Lewis. I take it that many Pakistanis will agree with the reality of the article rather than feeling hurt by its content. It of course is another matter that the dynasty ruling India will not like any remarks on Pandit Nehru who people like B N Pai blindly seem to revere. You can treat corneal opacities by transplant, lenticular opacities by extraction, chiasmal pressure by neurosurgery when feasible but cortical blindness? That can not be reversed. They shall lead other blind people and all will fall into the same ditch.

Thanks for this nice article Mr Lewis.
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