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Jul 28, 2015
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Twinkle Star
Sorsorit pavs ailo
Haddun udka vhallo
Pavs zatoch babu amcho
Nitoll udkant khell'llo

Sorsorit pavs ailo
Vhoddtant kollo ful'lo
Babun amchea kollo kaddun
maim-chea xenddear mall'llo

Sorsorit pavs ailo
Ambo sokla poddlo
Babun amchea ambo katorn
Sogleank vanttun khelo.

Sorsorit pavs ailo
Paddint allmim futtlim
Allmea nistea songim maim-n
Babuk dilim muttlim.

  No part of this poetry may be reproduced in any manner
without the prior written permission from the author.

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Twinkle Star column contains Konkani poems and short stories by Ancy Paladka.
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