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Aug 03, 2015
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Twinkle Star
Tumi konni pollelam
Dakttem dakttem sasanv ?
Dakttem sasanv
matient roilear
Tacher poddat besanv

Dakttem sasanv
kusta matient
Veginch zata zodd
Vega vegan zodd vhaddon
Ruk zata vhodd

Vatten vechea
soglea lokak
Ruk savli dita
Varear ubchea
suknnim savzank
Ruk asro zata

Amchea ganvchim
soglim bhurgim
Ruka pondak melltat
Hason nachon
Vivid khell khelltat.

  No part of this poetry may be reproduced in any manner
without the prior written permission from the author.

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Twinkle Star column contains Konkani poems and short stories by Ancy Paladka.
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