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Aug 03, 2015
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Konkani Uloi
Konkani Uloi: Lesson 3

Learn Mangalorean Konkani:  Lesson 3
By Charlotte Afonso
Edited By Ancy Paladka

Talk About Time….

Days of the week

English Konkani
Sunday  Aitar
Monday  Somar


Wednesday  Budvar
Thursday  Brestar
Friday  Sukrar
Saturday  Sonvar

Other Time Related terms

Date  Tarik
Week  Hapto
Month  Moino
Year  Voros

Snippets of Conversation on Time

When did you come?  Tum kedalla Ailloi? (All gender masculine)
I came on 5th of December  Hanv disembrachea panch tariker ailom
When are you going back? Tum kedalla patti vetoloi?
I am going back on October 4th  Hanv octoborachea char tariker patim vetolom.
When is your wedding?  Tujem kazar kedalla?
My wedding is on 10th of August  Mhojem kazar Agostachea da tariker
When is your birthday?  Tuzo zolma dis kedalla?
My birthday is on March 14th  Mhozo Zolma dis Marchachea chovda tariker
When is your feast (plural)?  Tumchem fest kedalla?
Our feast is on 8th September  Amchem fest Septembrachea Aat tariker 
What are you doing on Sunday?  Tum Aitara kitem kortai?
I have got work on Monday  Somara Mhaka Kam asa
Tuesday is a holiday 

Mungllar Rojecho dis.

I go to the market on Wednesday  Hanv Budvara marketik vetam.
Thursday I take rest  Brestara hanv vixev getam.
Friday is a fasting day  Sukrar jinzvaracho dis.
Saturday is a half day at work  Sonvar ordo dis camacho dis.
Saturday I will go for the party  Sonvara hanv party’k vetam.
December 25th is Christmas  Desembrachea ponchvis tariker notalam fest.
This year Easter is on 11th of April  Hea vorsachem paskam fest Eprilachea ikra tariker ieta.
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Konkani Uloi column provides opportunity for our readers to learn our mother tongue.

This is not an advanced course in konkani. It is just to encourage our readers to learn konkani language in its easiest and simplest form to express.
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