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May 27, 2015
a Pv

Am AiP, PĪAii



iP sA Dg 'aAvۣ',

iP sA Dg 'Zۣ',

iP sA Dg 'gZۣ'.

iP sA Dg 'ļۣ'.


Rg zsA Pu 'Zq' g?

sg zsA 'Zq' g?

g zsA Pu 'Zq' sg?

'sg' eAv zsA 'Zq' Rg?


wP D V 'gAU' Aii!

Uq DA V 'Pg' Aii!!

fP eq sPv 'g' Aii!!?

D̸ ļv U "sg" Aii!!?


eɣ xsAii mP, 'jAii' QvP?

i zA g Aii,'m' QvP??

gۣ gAP eAiiv, 'Pgq' QvP?

"eAii, eAii" t, 'Dsø' QvP??


JP Gvg fuv 'sZ'A !

JP v 'izs' AA !!

JP z , ıUv 'AUv'a!?

JP fP PP 'zzƸAi'a!!


zɪ 'Dg' PP iZA!

zɪ 'Dg' PgP ZAA!!

zɪ 'Dg'vP ıU AA!!

zɪ 'Dg' iP AsAA!!


Am AiP, PįPg.


Z WrvAZg jv Pv

Am AiP, PĪAii

Amʣ ø


dvAZ A P̯A

iP U Pug eAii u.

PuP QvP PA ?!

iP Ddƣ ļA !!


qA Aiv zAP q

Pu qQ vAqAP qA

e UP Uƪļ

PAv P ů .


vmu zA sqA


Amʣ Z D̸ ļZ .

eA Amʣ Pu PAZ .


U ,iAii D DAu

Amʣ ø v Azñ

åAii,DiD UAq FUv



U s PA Dvv De

Ai, ˮv zˮv D e.

U Pug e Zg

zɪVA WA eAi De.


sV vīA , U PugA

vĪiA ļ De g ø.

U Pg,UAv sg

Ag evg Dsø.


Am AiP,PįPg



Czs Z Pv
n0 Pv P
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