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Feb 09, 2016
Mangalorean beauty Diana Pinto Crowned Ms. India America 2009!
Published Date: 07 Sep, 2009 (8:01 PM)

By Team Mangalorean - USA
Photographs By: Rupesh Kotecha

Washington DC/Long Beach, Aug 22, 2009: It was a proud moment for the family and friends of our own Mangalorean Beauty Diana Pinto who appeared angelic in her draped white gown as she walked up the ramp to the thunderous applause of the audience, on the midnight of August 7, 2009. Diana bagged the crown for the Miss India America 2009 title at the Jinnder's 18th Annual Miss India America contest held at the Grand Ballroom in The Hilton Hotel, Long Beach, CA.

The star studded red carpet gala was attended by many prominent stars from the tinsel world as well as the tube world of Hollywood and Bollywood, including Rahul Khanna, Mallika Sherawat, Lara Dutta, Lisa Ray, Marco Khan of 10,000 BC, producer Brad Listerman, Harry Baweja and singer Kiely Williams of Cheetah Girls. The event featured nationwide talent hunt in three categories including Miss India America, Mr. India America and Mrs. India America.

Among the 14 contestants who vied for the Miss India America Title, Diana Pinto emerged as the winner while Neresha Sukreem of South Africa won the Miss India Globe 2009 title and Anjali Chatwani won the Miss India Galaxy 2009 title. Surprisingly, Diana also walked away with the Miss Photogenic award.

Diana Crowned Ms. India America 2009!







The crown didnít come as a surprise to the confident winner. She had put on a brilliant show with a regional Marathi folk dance - Lavani to the tunes of "Reshmachya Reghani" in a Red Navvari saree. She looked breathtaking in a white elegant figure hugging gown in the evening gown segment. "Though no points were given for the Talent segment, it was a chance for the contestants to display their talent in front of the judges," she says.

Some of the other participants who took part in the talent show included-- Neresha Sukreem from South Africa who presented a Bollywood style number in a red and green costume. She looked lovely in a strapless red gown in the evening gown segment. Anjali Chatwani put on a good show with an old film dance "Appalam Chappalam" and looked gorgeous in a brick red evening gown in the evening gown segment.

Tarannum Bhatti danced to "Daffliwale" in the talent round and looked elegant in a brown gown in the evening gown segment, while Disha Patel did a very entertaining Belly dance to a Bollywood number.

Amit Mehta looked smart in a black suit in the Evening wear segment. He did a vigorous bhangra display in the talent segment and Ajay Lall performed a Karate demonstration with kicking and breaking bricks in the talent segment. Natty and debonair in a black suit and matching waistcoast he won the Mr. India North America award.

Earlier, after the red carpet dinner was served and the crowd had settled into their seats in the banquet hall, the evening started with a spectacular fashion show highlighting the "Kashmir Ki Kali" selection of designer Pria Kataria Puri. Pria runs her fashion business between Kuwait and Mumbai and she also designs for Bollywood actors. This was followed by yet another fashion show featuring the creations of celebrity designer Rohini Bedi.

Mallika Sherawat who made a brief appearance on the dais spoke about "Jagriti" and her support to the cause against domestic violence.

The actual pageant began after the fashion show, where the contestants walked up the ramp and set the stage on fire. The event was jointly organized by South Asia Magazine, Sahara One TV, Dr Darshan Shah of Beautologie Malibu and in support of Jagriti - a charity empowering South Asian Women and Youth.

From Thane to the Ramp

Diana is the daughter of Mr. Joseph D. Pinto (Senior Manager in Bank of Baroda, Agra branch) who is originally from Urwa and Mrs. Irene J. Pinto (Manager in Bank of Baroda, Mumbai) of Moodbidri. She has a younger brother Brian J. Pinto, who just completed his XIIth grade exams and will be taking up Engineering as his career.

Diana was born and brought up in Thane, Maharashtra and came to the United States to pursue a Masters Degree in Biokinesiology. She is a Physical Therapist from India and completed her Masters Degree at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. Currently, she is practicing as a Physical Therapist in New York.

Diana is currently also pursuing a degree in Personal Training and Performance Nutrition. "In the future I intend to complete my MBA in Sports Administration & Management," says the ambitious beauty queen. I want to go back to India after completing my studies and getting well rounded experience in the Sports Training and Administration arena, she adds.

"I used to visit Moodbidri every year to see my grand parents and relatives. I just loved to be there, itís so scenic and homely," she says. Though Diana was brought up in Mumbai and lived in the US for quite sometime now, she hasnít forgotten her roots. I am just proud to be a Mangalorean, she says. Diana speaks fluent Konkani too.


Speaking to about her future plans, Diana said that she wanted to help in changing the face of Indian sports - Recruitment of athletes at the grass root level, and better training facilities. Currently, local sporting talent lacks the supportive environment needed to convert the unmistakable potential into international quality performances. Its lamentable - the lack of Olympic medals from a billion-plus population, the decrepit facilities, the red tape, the financial burdens on athletes and so much more. We could take a leaf out of the book of lessons of our countryís tremendous IT success, she says.

Apart from this, Diana also likes to play Volleyball, Singing, Painting, Dancing, Outdoor activities and she likes to learn new skills.

Diana was a State level Volleyball player back in India. She also has a 3.9 GPA in Bachelors in Physical Therapy and has received distinction in most subjects, apart from having won numerous awards in Sprints, Relay, Shot Putt, Discus throw (mostly track events).
The "Miss India America 2009" Title

"I was very surprised on winning the Miss Photogenic award. I wasnít expecting to win that award because there were so many pretty looking girls - but for some reason I was confident that I would win the Miss India America title that night. It didnít come as a surprise to me that I won the title. I had worked hard for it," Diana says.

While asked about her role model and inspiration, she says "I donít really have a role model because I believe that having an idol is trying to be like someone your entire life. I donít want to be like anyone else - Iíd rather be myself - and become an idol for others!"

Other winners of the contest were as follows:

Taranum Bhatti - Miss India North America 2009 title.
Disha Patel - Miss India California 2009 title.
Jasdeep Malhi was voted Sahara One TVís Peopleís Choice winner.
Pallavi Darne - Mrs. India Globe 2009 title.
Reshma Chamberlain - Mrs. India North America 2009 title.
Brintha Gardner - Mrs. India America title with the Miss Photogenic award.
Ancy Binny - Sahara One TV Peopleís Choice award.
Amit Mehta - Mr. India Globe 2009 title.
Ajay Lall - Mr. India North America & the photogenic award.
Sunny Vacher - Mr. India America 2009 title with the Sahara One TV Peoples Choice award.

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Rastogis, India Sep 3, 2010
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Shobha D, India Mar 14, 2010
Congratulations Diana. What an achievement.

The moment you said you know Konkani and proud to be Mangalorean and wants to come back to India and serve this place, your clean heart is known clear.
Next vacation when you come down to Moodbidri, please mail me at
I will be glad to receive you.
Neelu, Thane, India Mar 14, 2010
Congratulations Diana,

We are all happy N was surprised to hear from your mom. You are looking beautiful. N you was shocked for winning Photogenic face. You are very beautiful dear. soorry for cingratulating so late. First tell me did u remembered me...Viju aunty n v all r very proud of u...Keep smiling. Take care...all the best for your future....God Bless not forget us...Love Neelu
Dr. Anthony S. DeSano, USA Dec 16, 2009
Congratulations Diana,
You are both smart and beautiful. I see a bright future for you!
Dr. D.
Gourav, India Sep 24, 2009
Congratulations, god bless you Diana, Wish to achieve more.
Martina Martis, India Sep 20, 2009
Congrats Diana!

That was GREAT!

Martina & Stany
Roshan Nelson Pinto Moodbidri, India Sep 10, 2009
congratulations! Hats up

make mangalore more brighter. and shine as a mangalorian star in USA,
mary menezes&family, India Sep 7, 2009
How r u. we r very proud of u of winning the miss. INDIA AMERICA crown 2009. hearty congratulations from all of us MOODBIDRI & BSNL staff.
nikhil, India Sep 6, 2009
Dear Diana,

Heartly Congratulations............

we are very proud that you are an Indian.
Fr.Vincent D'Souza, Iran Sep 3, 2009
Congratulations to you Diana. As a child you spent your days here in your Grand parents house. It is good news to all the people of Alangar Parish. God Bless U. We are proud of your great Achievement. Best Wishes to you.
Parish Priest and Parishioners.
Elizabeth Correa , India Aug 31, 2009
Dear Diana & Family

Heartiest congratulations to you and your family.
Rajendra Shenoy, Vapi, India Aug 30, 2009
Congratulations, you have made not only Mangaloreans but all of us Indians proud.

best wishes in your future
hemantika joshi[BOB,N.PT.,MUMBAI,INDIA], India Aug 27, 2009
Manoj Kotian, India Aug 26, 2009
Congrulations Diana....

we are very proud that you are an Indian.

Cheers ..... God Bless you
Joseph Braganza, Thane, India Aug 26, 2009
Congratulations!!! Well done!!! Wish you all the best.
Faustin & Mary Menezes, Moodbidri , India, India Aug 25, 2009
Congratulations Diana! we are extremely happy for you, you look gorgeous!!!, may God bless you abundantly & may you have many more feathers to your cap, all the best, your loving aunt & uncle-Moodbidri.
Kumar Gaurav,Officer,BoB Nariman Point, Mumbai , India Aug 25, 2009
I am very glad to know that you have won the title, compliments to you on behalf of staff of Bank of Baroda, Nariman Point br.
Keep up!
Donald Pinto Abu-Dhabi/chickmaglore, UAE Aug 25, 2009
Congratulations to DIANA PINTO, God Bless you, I Wish you to achive more.

Philip Pinto Congrats to you also, Your sis is more talented, at least now you Realized. Now its party time.
philip pinto, India Aug 25, 2009
I can't believe the real beauty hidden in my sister. Keep it up go ahead, God bless you.
Venugopala Nambiar BSNL Employees Union Dst SEcretary Mangalore, India Aug 24, 2009
congratulation DIANA PINTO Keep it UP well done.
D'souza, India Aug 24, 2009
Congratulation DIANA PINTO. keep it up. we are proud to be Mangalorean.
from mogaveeras, India Aug 24, 2009
she has made indians proud.
Valson Mendonsa, USA Aug 24, 2009
Congratulations !! Diana Pinto..Mangalorean pride... We are just few handfull mangaloreans in this country when compaired to other Indians. Being a mangalorean we are proud of you and wish you all the best in your future.
Shenoy, India Aug 23, 2009
One wonders how many contestants were there. Does any one know?
Dr.Pradeep Vaidya n Dr.Geeta Vaidya, India Aug 23, 2009
Dearest Diana,
Congratulations !!
We are thrilled to hear this great news and waiting to see you soon. May you scale the heights of grand success in the years to come. God Bless You !!!
SANTOSH DSOZA, India Aug 23, 2009
Congratulations Miss Diana..
Shetty.P.B, Qatar Aug 23, 2009
where ever we Mangalorean Goes will standout and shine like a STAR. CHEERS TO MANGALOREAN.
Stanley R.D'Costa, India Aug 22, 2009
Congratulations Miss Diana. We Mangaloreans are proud of your achievements. Hopefully contest for Miss Universe or Miss World. Wish you all the best and good luck
Lucy D'souza, Mangalore , India, India Aug 22, 2009
Congratulations Diana!!! you have made us all proud, As a family friend I know you from childhood, you are worthy daughter of worthy parents!!! wish you all the best, God bless you dear, keep rocking!!.
Jennifer D'mello, Mumbai, India Aug 22, 2009
Congratulations Girl.

I cant imagine how proud must be your parents of your achievements. more over, dont ever forget your roots and culture as you attain more attention and fame too. Keep shining. we wish you more laurels
Peter, UAE Aug 22, 2009
Why only mangaloreans, She's made indians proud too..! I am actually proud that she's taken the decision to do something different in her career like Biokinesilogy and not think of becoming yet another doctor, IT engineer, or HR professional!
Jossie Pinto, Nanthoor, Kuwait Aug 22, 2009
Hearty Congratulations Diana Pinto on winning the Miss India America 2009 contest. Keep it up and all the best in your future endeavors.
Lawrence Mascarenhas, USA Aug 22, 2009
Congratulations to Diana Pinto on winning the the Miss India America 2009 title. I wonder any relation to Frieda Pinto who has roots in Moodubidri and whose father is also a banker, if I am not mistaken, the Manager of Bank of Baroda.

I think Moodubidri has healthy roots for beautiful flowers!
Austin Prabhu, USA Aug 22, 2009
Congratulations to our own Mangalorean Diana Pinto on being crowned as Miss India-America 2009! We are really proud of you Diana, wish you all the best in your future endeavors!!! God Bless You!
Brian Pinto,Mumbai,, India Aug 22, 2009
keep rocking sis!
and you always looked beautiful!
next stop Miss Asia!
but you can try!
Shridhara Achar.K Bangalore, India Aug 22, 2009
Mangaloreans cheer up! Here is one more feather on your cap. Mangalorean beauty Diana Pinto is Miss India America 2009. We Mangaloreans are proud of you Diana. Hearty congratulations. Keep on shinig until you get many more laurels.
Sanjith Shetty, NJ, USA Aug 22, 2009
Wonderful news. Mangalore has given many talents in abundance to this world. We are proud of you Diana. Keep shining.
Wilson Pinto, USA Aug 22, 2009
Congratulations Diana

You have made us Mangaloreans proud! Keep shining. Good luck in your future endeavours!

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