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Feb 14, 2016
Mangalore: Roshni Nilaya holds Maria Paiva Couceiro Memorial Lecture
Published Date: 14 Jan, 2010 (8:57 PM)

By Violet Pereira, Team Mangalorean

Mangalore January 12, 2010: The Alumni Association, School of Social work, Roshni Nilaya, Mangalore organized The Maria Paiva Couceiro Memorial Lecture - 'Capsules for Happy Living', today 12th January, 2010 at 5.30 p.m. at the college auditorium. The program began with an invocation with a prayer song by B.S.W students. Jeevan Vas (Vice President, Alumni Association, School of Social work, Roshini Nilaya) welcomed the guests and the gathering. A floral welcome was given to all the dignitaries on the dais. Dr. Olinda Pereira introduced M. Maria Paiva Coucerio and her contribution towards the poor people.

Dr. Jacintha D'Souza (Former - Officio President) read out the projects and plans of the Golden Jubilee year 2009 to 2010. Ms. Marilla D'Souza introduced the speaker and the chief guest of the program, Dr. Ravish Thunga (Head of the Dept., of Psychiatry K.M.C. Hospital, Attavar, the Director of "Manaswini", Balmatta, Mangalore) to the gathering.




















Dr. Ravish Thunga speaking on the topic 'Capsules for happy living' said , "It would have been so wonderful if 'capsules' could be prescribed for happy living. It would have been possible; sorrows, sufferings, worries could have been solved within no time. Concept of happy living is again a matter of subjectivity. Happiness is a positive emotional feeling where the individual is comfortable, relaxed and feeling good and high. While being a happy person doesn't seem to be having any worries, tension or problems. Generally happy living is feeling good in all areas of our activities which include physical, psychological, social as well as spiritual.
Further continuing he said, "It is extremely difficult to explain what is mind and its existence in our body. It cannot be visualized unlike any other organ of our body. By analyzing various activities of mind, one can say how the mind works in an individual and it is stable or not. Even though there are numerous mental functions, three of them are primary i.e. thinking, feeling and action. As long as these three primary functions of the mind are fine and complementing each other in their functions, one can say that mind is stable or that individual is having mental equilibrium. To be happy or in positive state of mind it is very essential to have this mental equilibrium. Suppose any one goes wrong in its activity, the whole equilibrium gets affected and the mind gets disturbed. Hence whenever the factors affecting the mind arise we need to take care of them with appropriate measures. These measures could be 3 different Capsules - Biolgical, Psychological and Social."
While concluding he said, "It happens that it is not one single factor which affects the mind. It is very often multi factorial (Biological, Psychological and Social). If one takes care of all these factors, he or she can climb the ladder of Psychological maturity and can progress towards Maslow's final step of self actualization where the person attains "sthithaprajna" or undisturbed peace and happiness. For who wants to lead happy living, the mind has to be stable in all the spheres biological, psychilogical and social and BIO PSYCHO SOCIAL is the biggest and the most powerful capsule which can keep a person happy all the time."
Ms. Mabel delivered the vote of thanks. Ms. Marilla D'Souza and Ms. Ratna Pinto compeered the entire program.

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Nita Pinto, New Zealand Jan 14, 2010
Keep up the good work Roshni Nilaya Alumni Association!

Thanks for the coverage. It was good to see our lecturers and ex-students there.

Best Wishes
Nita Pinto
D.P.Kumar, India Jan 13, 2010
I am happy that Jeevan Vas Bhat as Vice President of the Alumni Association, School of Social work, Roshini Nilaya has taken active role in the programme.

Of all, this Institute in our district has a major role to play in social awareness and activities.
One important step now required is to educate people enmass on the evils of drinking. Dissuade the younger generation from getting attracted to the liquor.
I wish Jeevan will bring more guests and programmes in the worst of the social evil.
Dr. Jacinta D'Souza, India Jan 13, 2010
Thank you for the excellent coverage of Maria Paiva Couceiro Memorial Lecture held on 12th January 2010. As it is the golden jubilee of the institute, it is but fitting that the message of the author of the Institute of Social Service reaches far and wide. Ms. Maria Paiva Couceiro was a great visionary with a great love for the poor and the marginalised as mentioned by Dr. Olinda Pereira.

Dr. Ravish Thunga's lecture on 'Capsules for Happy Living' is most appropriate for our times. The Mangalore Alumni Association of Roshni Nilaya has done a wonderful job in organising this lecture. Heartiest Congratulations!

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