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Feb 12, 2016
Sandeep Chowta to be back with a bang
Published Date: 31 Dec, 2005 (8:33 PM)

MUMBAI, Dec 28: Music director Sandeep Chowta, who initiated the concept of item numbers with super hits like 'Khallas' and 'Babuji', seemed to have disappeared from the scene. Understandable as he lost his beautiful Chennai beach house to the devastating tsunami last year.

But Chowta is set to return to Hindi films with a bang - that is more pulsating music. There is a rumour that he has shot a video for his next film with an Icelandic beauty called Ciga, reports Bollywood Trade.

And that he is planning to release the music of his film called "Flat" in the international format of singles.

Cutting Across Global Segregations

The year was 1998. A low-budget film about the dark underbelly of Mumbai called 'Satya' had captured the country's imagination. And the Indian audiences woke up to a stunningly new in-your-face background score. It was perhaps the first time in Indian cinema that the original soundtrack took a cushy backseat to the background score. A name was being whispered in the hallowed portals of Bollywood. A name called Sandeep Chowta had come, seen and conquered.

What has followed since then is nothing short of a fairy tale. Sandeep has created successful and refreshingly different soundtracks for Ram Gopal Varma's 'Mast' and ‘Jungle', background scores for 'Asoka', 'Vaastav' 'Kaun' and 'Shool' as well as a youth anthem each in 2001 and 2002 in the form of "Kambakth Ishq" ('Pyar Tune Kya Kiya') and "Khallas"('Company') respectively. 2003 got a great start with 'Dum' and Hollywood-Bollywood"

The man's life is as interesting as his music, if not more. Born in Ghana, raised in Nigeria, grown up in Bangalore, based in Chennai and creating waves across the country via Mumbai! One wonders how soon before this extremely talented composer goes westward (a record with Fatboy Slim is already on the cards).

Sandeep took a keen interest in jazz in school, after stumbling on his father's collection. He shied away from the family hospitality business and jumped feet first into the world of music. In his earlier days, he was devoted to Jazz, leading him to form the band 'Pulse' with Sivamani and Suresh Thomas.

Chowta was then spotted by Nagarjuna, who recommended him for Music of the Telugu film "Ninne Pelladatha", which turned out to be one of the biggest hits of the industry and also marked Sandeep's entry into films in a big way. Bollywood was obviously the next stop and 'Satya' happened. It is often said about techno-savvy musicians that they allow the gizmos to overpower the emotional content of their music.

Sandeep Chowta is a stark exception. His immense knowledge of global music that subsumes Nigerian and Rajasthani folk in the same range as rave music and rap, allows him access to a popular sounds from every corner of the world.

The array of voices that Sandeep Chowta has used to fuel and fill out his compositions, range from the tried -and- tested Asha Bonsle and Alisha Chinai, to the voices of Sowmya Raoh and Sonu Kakkar. An entire universe of talent has mushroomed around Sandeep's creativity, as is evident from the success of VIVA and Sunidhi Chauhan.

More cosmic than cosmetic, the sound of the Sandeep Chowta is the sound of the future. Spiritual and sensuous, meditative and erotic.... What is the sound of Sandeep Chowta? Sandeep's music cuts across global segregations to speak to every generation and community.

No support

Sandeep's upset over the lack of support for talented artistes from Karnataka's successive governments. "I'm from here and love Bangalore, and the city is proud of what we do. But strangely we have to go out of the State, succeed and then come back. Why can't the State promote us or give us the backing we need?

"Forget film music, I don't want to do film music here. But there's so much of folk music that needs to see light." He's convincing when he says that given the resources, magic can be made here too, not just in Mumbai. "Classical music is not popular now, but we can make it. Classical is often typecast. But if you want to sell your music in the West, you have to bring in a li'l bit of their culture. It's like pizzas. When they came into India, they brought in tandoori chicken pizzas. You can't just have it the American way. We've got to bring the two cultures to synergise."

Talent hunts

The man who played judge at one of Indian TV's first talent hunts, Channel V Popstars, and discovered Viva, gets a bit edgy when asked for his take on such talent hunts. 'Coz best buddy Sonu Nigam is on the Indian Idol panel. "When I was doing the show I realised this was all about drama. Those Viva girls were so genuine. But then the band was over in a year. It's the channel's prerogative to do something. They've groomed people and built their hopes. After a year of contracts, you can't just stop there. I like the fact that such shows happen. But sometimes I disagree with what's going on. Because it's all about the show and not about the singers. It's TV. It's about the hyped TRP ratings.."

Bengalooru huduga

Is he still a Bangalore boy? "Completely! I remember going to Holiday Inn and playing with the band Web. I used to wait for Alwyn, the guitarist, to fall sick, so I could be the substitute! Later I think he started enjoying falling sick so he could go and meet his girlfriend. This is where it all started for me and I owe a lot to this city. My roads and dreams started here."

Mangalore Connection

Sandeep chowta is the eldest son of Darbe Krishnanda Chowta popularly known as D.K. Chowta of Manjeshwar. Sri D.K. Chowta's literature on 'Tulu Katha Sankalana' has been appreciated as one of the best literature in a decade on Tulu language.  "Kariyavajjerena Kathekkulu" and 'Plilipathigadasu' a drama has been awarded by Karnataka Tulu Sahithya Academy.

--Compiled from Sources(IANS/Metro Plus/HindiSong)

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