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Feb 13, 2016
Mangalore: DC all set to make Mangalore a Clean and Green City!
Published Date: 03 Apr, 2011 (5:03 PM)

By Violet Pereira, Team Mangalorean

Mangalore Mar 22:  Mangalore is popularly known as a green and clean city, but now a day's when we look around all we can see is heaps of garbage thrown around, which makes the city anything but clean. Mangalore city is crowded with a large number of migrants who have made their home here. The influx of more people into the city has given rise to a rising number of buildings. 

Recently, Mangalore was ranked as the second cleanest city in the State.  The people of Mangalore are skeptical of this ranking as it is fairly obvious to everyone that our environment has been badly affected and with loads of garbage piling around, it can hardly justify being called as the second cleanest city.
But now the time has come to keep our city clean, green and make it as number one in the state.Our Deputy commissioner Subodh Yadav has proved in the past that nothing is impossible if all the citizens of Mangalore work hand in hand.  A recent example is the half marathon and cross country race that was organized in which more than 7000 people had participated.  This event turned out to be grand success. 

Now our DC has come out with an unique way of cleaning Mangalore.  Speaking exclusively to Subodh Yadav said that on March 27th 2011 the MCC has planned to hold a mass Sharmadhan Exercise for the people of Mangalore.  “We have already identified the various areas to be cleaned”, said the DC with enthusiasm. “The first area will cover the Balmatta Mission Compound, the Attavar Government School and the Vaidyanath Temple for which the NSS team will be in charge. 

The second area is from Kadri Toll Gate to Kadri Park.  The Chamber of Commerce and Mangalore Round Table will take the responsibility for cleaning this area. The third area is from Fr. Mullers to Koti Chennaya Road and will be cleaned by the HRS team, the fourth area is Subhas Nagar which will be cleaned up by the Campus Front of India. The Government office and District Employees Association will clean up Urva and Hathill road, Vanakatte to Kana will be cleaned by the Police Youth Club. 

Home Guard Commandment, Baikampandy Industrial, Baikampady Vidhyarthi Sangha and Rotary Club will clean up the DC office, SP office and Fish Market.  One officer will be appointed in every area. Ten various organizations will take care of the cleaning programs and 10 dedicated officers will assist the organizations,” said the DC summing up the cleaning procedure thoroughly.
Further he also added that caps with "Swatcha Mangalurigagi Shramadana", logo will be distributed to all the volunteers. All the arrangements will be made to make the campaign a successful one. 
Subodh Yadav requested all the citizens of Mangalore to take part in this campaign to make  Mangalore city clean.  He said he fully anticipated the co-operation and support from the local people. The NGO's will visit every house on Wednesday and Thursday to inform the public to participate and help the government to keep Mangalore city clean.  He also said the locals can keep their own premises and surroundings clean. By doing so they can keep the entire city clean. Without local support we cannot bring any changes in Mangalore he said.  Mangaloreans need to realize the importance of a clean environment.  For this they need to get out on the streets on March 27th and join hands with the various organizations who are whole heartedly supporting to make Mangalore a clean city.

This campaign will be conducted every month and the DC office is planning to clean up the beaches too.  In fact, they are targeting the whole coast, Udupi and Kerala border. There will be massive cleaning of the coastal area. In April, May and June they will be trying to do the plantation exercise before the monsoon starts. has rendered its whole hearted support to keep updating about the development and the progress of Mangalore to all Mangaloreans around the globe.

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praveen, India Apr 13, 2011
Its good project. All have to participate in this
Salvador Noronha, Kuwait Apr 2, 2011
We the readers of are very greatful to the Editor & the co-staff for your wonderful coverage of news in & around Mangalore.
A big thank you
S. S. Kaup, USA Mar 24, 2011
I am encouraged by the plan initiated by the DC. It is just the first step. We will have to watch the process of implementation. I also commend the work done by the group “ MCC'S NIRMALA NAGARA YOJANE FAILS“. This is the only way to hold bureaucrats’ feet to the fire.
I am an Indian-American hailing from Mangalore area. I visit India for a couple of months every year. I have done my share to bring the CIVIC SENSE to the attention of the local mayors, commissioners in addition to college students when I had an opportunity to address them.
It is easier said than done. It is impossible to change the attitude and behavior of adults, particularly uneducated and partially even educated. They think that others do not care, why they should take the trouble to carry it to trash container.
There is a school in front of the building I live in and an open ground on the side of the building.
People throw trash every day at the corner of the ground. School children use it for the physical
education exercise every school day. Local youngsters come and play cricket. Dirty trash at the corner of the ground does not bother them. Children join in throwing news papers they use to it on the dusty ground. I had to go and alert their principle about this practice.

I contacted the local corporator who was gracious enough to pay attention to my request and clean it up and put up a sign asking people not to throw trash in that corner. The next day, you will see a heap of trash thrown again during the last night.

Next day I went around to every house around my building and asked them not to do it as people of conscience. Last year, I wrote to outgoing mayor and also the incoming mayor. This year I wrote to City

City bureaucrats can not do it by themselves unless we do our share. Recently when I was in India, Sri Sri Ravishanker visited Mangalore and preached “Swatch Mangalore”. Every one nodded their head. I do not know how many of them admonished their servants not to throw their trash any where other than trash container. Each one of us should practice what we preach.

Civic Sense should be indoctrinated early on in schools and colleges. Civic sense is the foundation for Civil Discipline leading to ethical behavior and elimination of corruption. If we do not recognize this at this stage when the country is in economic upswing, the country is going to face unexpected adverse consequences. The rich will become richer and the poor the poorer. Bureaucrats will become more corrupt. If you look at the Indian edition of GQ magazine, you can see how rich are flaunting their new economic status.

Look at the western and developed countries, civic sense is at the core of their behavior. Look at Japanese people how they behave with all these devastating adversities. One thing that is common among all these countries is civic sense.

Let us play our part.
Harish Modankap, Singapore Mar 23, 2011
I am Mangalorean...and presently living in singapore. I feel like some strict penalties to be imposed those who throw rubbish. Look back 40-50 years before Singapore country....and now. It is one of the cleanest city in the world. They started with fining the people who throw rubbish in city. People's fear made them not to throw and time pass by it become a habit in their life not to throw the rubbish in street. Meantime municipalities must do their work. They need to collect rubbish promptly everyday or alternate. the Garbage collected shall be recycled. The biogas will be the one.....and this can produce electricity.
stany passana, India Mar 23, 2011
Dear Anil Germany, read your comments and suggestions. This may work in foreign countries where Indians reside. When Indians commit a mistake, fine is collected by the countrymen. But not in India. We Indians believe in keeping our homes/compounds clean ,but not public places. The Civic Authority should take interest and maintain city clean by educating people and providing infrastructure. We do not find sufficient dustbins in and around the city. Those in place are overflowing. We do not believe in minimising waste by seggregating it and recycling it. It is something to be taught in our schools. Indians even clean Roads in the Gulf but do not teach concept to their people back in India. It is impossible to identify/make accountable to pay a fine to any Indian for any offence he commits. Cleanliness is Beauty, Cleanliness is Health, Cleanliness is Prosperity. We need to believe in this, preach this and practice this. We need to bring about this change, slowly but surely.
Asher, Australia Mar 23, 2011
Let's see some action on the ground and then we shall hear about your plans.
Anil Germany, Germany Mar 22, 2011
Respected DC and readers,

All what you have in plan is good. But not enough. I Suggest Do this for better reflectivity of the plans.
1.Start a Mangalore Task Force MTF. A group of people to collect the fine from those who throw the garbage or waste onto the streets.
Also applicable for Apartments those who do not follow the cleanliness rules.
2.Authorize them to collect the fine.
3.Put an advertisement in News papers about new System.
4.Make sure this group of people are transparent in that.They can issue fine receipt on spot to the defaulters. By using the same machines used for ticketing in Mangalore buses.(Cheapest Option and transparent too)
5.Also make sure they are capable of collecting fines.Preferably group of 3-4 people is good, Do not recruit Old people for this task, Only young and energetic.
6.Pay the MTF employees from what you have collected from the fines.(The MTF group will definitely collect more fines)
7.Be the first city corporation to bring this rule in the country.

I am writing this because I have seen here in Germany how this system works.In the above suggestions if some thing is not possible then think other alternatives. Believe me in no time Mangalore will the most beautiful city not only in Karnataka, but also in India.
George Borromeo, India Mar 22, 2011
It is a good move by D.C. to clean up our Mangalore city.
Once it was pristine and green, even though the education level of the people was low. Now we can boast of Mangalore as Indian Educational Hub, but our sense of cleanliness has dived too low.
Rapid Urbanization and dependence on hired manual labors has made us a mute spectator to this nuisance.
Hope 'shramadhan' drive inspire us to clean not only our surroundings but the neighbor's too.
Alwyn, India Mar 22, 2011
What about Bejai Market, from last four years it is on footpath and road
stany passana, India Mar 22, 2011
Marvellous!! Superb idea. Well begun is half done. Now, we have a leader who thinks and acts, practically. Mangaloreans will wholeheartedly support this.
AMAR NATHAL, India Mar 22, 2011
Good luck Sir. Keep these dirty and shameless politicians out of your way, and you'll succeed in keeping Mangalore clean and beautiful. You are probably capable of doing the latter, but doubtful of succeeding in the former.
dsouza, India Mar 22, 2011
dear sir we request not only city outside city area have bad condition.

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