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Feb 09, 2016
Mangalore: Fr. Ravi Santosh Kamath Celebrates 40 Years of Priesthood
Published Date: 02 Apr, 2011 (5:14 PM)

By Team Mangalorean
Pics by Violet Pereira

Mangalore, Mar 27:  On March 27th 2011, the Sunday Mass at 8:15 am at the Milagres Church, Mangalore had a special touch as Rev. Fr. Ravi Santosh Kamath SJ celebrated 40 years of priesthood.  He was ordained a priest on March 27th 1971 by late Cardinal Valerian Gracias in Mumbai.
The mass was celebrated by Fr. Santosh and concelebrated by ten other priests, including Parish Priest of Milagres Church, Rev. Fr. Walter D’Mello.  After the mass, Flavian Pereira said a few words about Fr. Santosh after which he was traditionally felicitated by Fr. D’Mello with a shawl, flowers and fruits.  The melodious choir of Milagres Church then sang a special congratulatory song for him.
Born in the airport city of Bajpe on October 5, 1939, Rev. Fr. Ravi Santosh Kamath completed his high school studies at the St. Joseph’s College in Bajpe.  He continued his studies at St. Aloysius College and joined the Jesuits in 1958, which makes this year the 53rd year of his Jesuit life.


Belonging to the Kuntal Kambla Pereira family from Bajpe, Fr. Santhosh comes from a large family of eight brother and four sisters.  He often speaks of the transience of life and regrets that he is the only brother along with two sisters left in the family as nine have left for their heavenly abode.
In the Pursuit of Knowledge
During the formation years of his priesthood, Rev. Fr. Santosh rendered his services at Calicut, Bangalore, Shambagnoor in Chennai, Mangalore, Dharwad and Pune.  His desire for knowledge led him to pursue his academic and college studies at Dharwad where he obtained a post graduate degree in Philosophy and Psychology.
Having a unique aptitude for languages, he went on to get a diploma in foreign languages at the Karnataka University.  His thirst for knowledge however seemed veritably unquenchable.  Still yearning to learn more, Fr. Santosh then enrolled for Studies in Ecclesiastical Sciences at the Gregorian University in Rome where he obtained a Doctorate in Systematic Theology.
Rev. Fr. Ravi Santosh Kamath also has a natural aptitude for teaching and he proved this by teaching Theology for 36 years at the St. Joseph’s Seminary in Mangalore.  During this period, he traveled to various countries.  One of his most prestigious posts has been that of Vatican Professor at the World Council of Churches in Geneva.
After retirement from the Seminary at the age of 65, he has been running a school of foreign languages under the title ‘French Connection’ at the Fatima Retreat House, which at present is running to full capacity.  Besides French, Fr. Santosh also puts his language skills to good use by teaching Italian and Latin when required.
A People Person
Despite all these impressive degrees and teaching appointments, Fr. Santosh remains a people person, who can never say no to a person who is in need of his services.  Retirement has not stopped him from doing what he does best and that is helping people.  Residing at the Fatima Retreat House, he is a veritable bundle of energy and it is not unusual to see him start his day very early in the morning.  He has so much to do that he says he barely sleeps for 5 hours each night.  Early morning on every Sunday, countless sick and bedridden people in homes and hospitals around Mangalore, look forward to his visit with the Holy Eucharist.  Today there are very few people in Mangalore who do not know Fr. Santosh.  He is known and loved by everyone, especially the youth and small children. Truly he lives by his name ‘Santosh’ spreading cheer and happiness wherever he goes.
40 yrs of priesthood and Fr. Santosh says he still feels young and energetic.  He says he still loves pulpit preaching as much as classroom teaching.  His bible classes at the Fatima Retreat House are still very popular.  He has been counseling the youth and married people throughout his priestly career and continues to do so even in his retired life, besides which he also helps out with a special seminar at a Marriage Alliance Program.
Speaking to on the 40th year of his priestly life, Rev. Fr. Ravi Santosh Kamath gave a special message to all the people he holds dear to his heart – “I thank all the people who sustained me in my Priesthood Ministry thus far.  I will continue to live by the motto - I’ll pass thru this world only once. Let me do all the good I can as I will not pass through it again.” felicitates Fr. Santosh and wishes that he will continue to be blessed in his priestly vocation.

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Francis Aranha, India Oct 5, 2014
Our heartiest congratulations to Jubilarian Father Santosh! May God continue to use you to bless His people!
Rose Ann Tourino Chin-Yee, Jamaica Jun 27, 2011
Fr. Kamath, Congratulations on your fortieth anniversary of Priestly Ordination!
I remember you ever so well from Holy Trinity School...of course i hardly think that you'd even remember me, it doesn't matter i was only there for two years, and i do remember you! I left after the 8th. Grade to go to school in Connecticut.
I see that you've been doing exceptional work and enjoying all that you've been doing, i pray for your continued good health and that zest for doing what the Lord has been guiding you to do thus far.
I'm presently the secretary at Our Lady of Fatima Roman Catholic Church in Ocho Rios.
I will be celebrating my second year here at the church in September!
Della Rego, Qatar Mar 29, 2011
Congratulations to Fr.Santosh for your 40th priesthood celebration. I was regularly attending mass at 8.00 am at Jeppu Church on Sundays though my parish was Milagres (as it was close by to my house ) and it was my privilege to listen Fr.Santosh's sermon and mass celebration who is serving the society with great interest and enthusiastically. May you have many more Fr.Santosh with good health.
joe Gonsalves, India Mar 29, 2011
I have known Rev. Father Ravi Santhosh Kamath for over thirty five years and I have no hesitation in saying that he has not changed a bit ever since I met him first. Here is a PEOPLE'S MAN. If some one needs help - GO TO FATHER SANTHOSH. If some one needs to learn a language - GO TO FATHER SANTHOSH. If some one needs services of a priest at a funeral - GO TO FATHER SANTHOSH. If some one wants the services of a priest at a wedding - GO TO FATHER SANTHOSH. If some one needs marriage guidance - GO TO FATHER SANTHOSH. IN JOYS AND SORROWS - GO TO FATHER SANTHOSH.

I have known this wonderful priest on occasions and when asked he has told me that has attended two events earlier and has yet to go to two more. I have a faint suspicion that like Padre Pio - Father Santhosh has the gift of multilocation.

I join scores of people is wishing Father Santosh A VERY HAPPY FORTIETH ORDINATION. May Heavenly Alchemist change this to Gold - Diamond and platinum.

Joe Gonsalves
florine pinto, India Mar 29, 2011
Dear Fr Ravi Santosh

Please accept our hearty congratulations.

May the Good Lord bless you in abundance and grant you many more blessed happy healthy priestly years.

Best Wishes

Cecilia Pinto and family members Bajpe
Alfred J. Rebello,, India Mar 28, 2011
'What you recieve freely, give others freely', is one of the meaningful sentences in the Bible and this shoud be the principle of every Godmen. I am sure Fr. Ravi has followed this principle. There are many Godmen, live a merry life in the name of spreading God's message. Who even formed their own sects, dividing people and enjoy a causy life where as some true Godmen follows the actual life of Jesus. As we know, Church is the place to pray together and it should remain like that. At the same time no Godmen should tke the advantage of the situation. For me, a Godman, who is simple, polite, honest and helpful is the true Godman.

Wish you all the best.
Fr. Ravi Santosh Kamath S.J., India Mar 28, 2011
My dearest friends,

It is with a humble heart and profound gratitude that I accept your good wishes on the occasion of the 40th year of my priesthood. I will cherish your good wishes always. I will continue to do all the good I can as I will pass through this world only once. My special thanks to Violet Pereira and for the beautiful article and photographs.

Yours in Christ
Fr. Ravi Santosh Kamath S.J.
Fatima Retreat House
Rajanikanth Shenoy, Kudpi, India Mar 28, 2011
I have met Fr Santhosh Kamath on many occasions and I have also visited his chamber at Fathima Retreat House in Valencia.

He is a highly knowledgeable person with proficiency over many languages. It is sheer delight to keep in conversation with him. His simplicity and amicable nature with an everlasting smile are unique.

Wishing him a long life and many more years of priesthood. May his knowledge and wisdom guide the masses to achieve good ways of living.
Anoop/SmithaAaron/Jos & Molly Fernandes-Mlore/Kuwait, India Mar 27, 2011
Congratulations to our Dear Fr. Santhosh.
Happy to know that you have served 40 years of fruitful life as a priest. Dear father you have been a source of inspiration to other priests who do not do much out of the way but only do the basic duties of saying mass. People really admire you for your good deeds. You have been a great help for people who need Counseling, Reconciliation of couples who can be brought together or Relief for couples who have separated and cannot live together at all.
Thorough knowledge of Cannon Law, Good Sermons, visiting the sick. Dear Father you care for the Christian community more than any one else.
You have been a friend in need for people who feel free to approach you at any time. A man of principle and systematic in everything. Keep up your good work and pray that God will give you Good health and energy to serve more. May God gant you perseverance in your priestly life. Would like to see you as a Bishop leading the flock of Mangalore diocese.
Adrean Luke , UAE Mar 27, 2011
Congratulations to Fr. Santhosh on completing 40 years in the Society of Jesus, i have been seeing Fr. Santhosh for over 25 years now and find him with the same enthusiasm that he used to have during his younger days.
Vincent Machado & family. , Oman Mar 27, 2011
Dear Rev.Fr. Santosh,

Congratulations on completing forty years of priesthood. May God continue to bless you with good health to work in His vineyard.
Clarence & Sara Pereira,Bangalore, India Mar 27, 2011
Congratulations Uncle on your 40th anniversary of Priesthood. You have been a great source of inspiration, guidance & comfort to the entire Pereira family from Bajpe, Kuntal Kambla & to the numerous other people with whom you have interacted. As someone rightly said there is possibly no one from Mangalore who does not know Fr. Santosh. you continue to have good health & continue your Ministry in the same fervour.
Eugene Lobo S.J., Italy Mar 27, 2011
Dear Fr Santosh, Happy 40 th Anniversary of your Ordination. May God Bless you and give you plenty of graces and strength to continue Lord's good work and inspire many more people in the way of the Lord.
Arun Noronha, India Mar 27, 2011
Congratulations dear Fr. Santosh on completing 40 years in God's vineyard. Wish you success in your mission. Wish you good health, peace and happiness in the years to come. We remember you as good priest during our college days at St. Aloysius (1988 to 1993) at the time of retreat for college students at Fatima Retreat House, Mangalore. Wish you all the best Fr.
Max & Jessie Rasquinha, USA Mar 27, 2011
Our sincere congratulations are extended spontaneously to Rev. Fr. Santosh on his 40th Anniversary of priesthood. What a great occasion we missed of a dynamic priest and a dynamic friend who has given so much to Mangalore thru his dedication of service to the community and the society. The untiring dedication of Fr. Santosh has helped so many thousands of Christians all around the community not only in their religious needs but also many of their personal needs.

Fr. Santosh is certainly a People's person who has electrified many many families thru his selfless service of love and charming personality, far and beyond his call of duty. Whether it is Baptism, a First Holy Communion, a Wedding or a funeral service, he has always been there within our family and community.

We owe a special personal and family tribute to Rev.Fr. Santosh for all that he has offered to us, and we shall organize a "special thanksgiving service" during our next trip to Mangalore. Until then, Fr. Santosh, please take good care of yourself, and may God continue to give you strength and willingness to continue your mission in this world of happiness. You are a rare gift to the Christian world of not only Mangalore but also to the world.
Joseph Rodrigues, UAE Mar 27, 2011
"Fr. Santosh remains a people person, who can never say no to a person who is in need of his services. Retirement has not stopped him from doing what he does best and that is helping people."

I fully agree with this statement.
Jerry & Patricia Pinto Bondel / Doha, Qatar Mar 27, 2011
Congratulations Fr.Santhosh on the occassion of your 40 years' of priesthood. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing and we pray for you a long and heathy life to live by your motto.
Ash, Juliana and Melwin, New Zealand Mar 27, 2011
Congratulations & Happy 40th Anniversary of the Priesthood!! God richly bless you for your 40 years of service and loving care of God's people'
Love and best wishes
Fr DEnzil Lobo SJ, India Mar 27, 2011
CONGRATULATIONS. Very happy to know that Fr Ravi Santhosh Kamath is celebrating fortieth anniversary of his priesthood in the Society of Jesus. Fr Santhosh has been a “man for all seasons”, available to anyone who wants his/her services. He is ever ready to help. I am grateful to him because when my mother was living, he was the one who took the holy Eucharist on every Sunday morning to her and many more elderly people. Fr Santhosh, Fr Ozzie and I congratulate you and wish you fruitful ministry for many more years to come.

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