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Feb 07, 2016
Mangalore: Team Mangalore shines at the International Kite Festival in Korea
Published Date: 26 Apr, 2011 (4:37 PM)

By Sarvesh, Team Mangalore

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Mangalore Apr 11(11.45a.m): Team Mangalore, a hobby group of kite-flyers, after their successful exhibition of talent in Europe and America, have once again made India proud by their outstanding performance in the recently concluded Uiseong International Kite Festival held at Uiseong, South Korea. 

Team Mangalore has gained appreciation from spectators and organizers of the festival as well. The world-class teams consisting of famous kite-flyers from 24 countries of the world participated in this mega event.
Team Mangalore participated in this event as representatives of India at the invitation of the organizers and presented glimpses of Indian culture through kites to the people of Korea.

Team Mangalore exhibited their famous kite collection depicting Indian dance forms through their kites such as “Bharatnatyam”, “Yakshagana”, “Kathakalli”, “Bhoota Kola” and “Pushpaka Vimana”. These kites attracted the crowd and got appreciation from all visitors there.

With a view to exchanging culture amongst the countries, Uiseong city governor Kim Bak Que had organized this festival under the theme “GLOBAL CULTURE PARTNER.”  Sarvesh Rao, Prashant Upadhyaya (MRPL), Dinesh Holla and Nitin Shetty of Team Mangalore participated in this event.

In this event held from March 31 to April 2, in addition to kite-flying, various other cultural activities were also organized to support the belief of the people of Korea with respect to agricultural prosperity and peace to all.
The festival was inaugurated with the traditional Korean Dance with traditional costumes by 20 Korean couples. The stage was designed like a kite which had a throne where the Dragon’s head and a kite had been placed. 

The traditional dancers offered prayers in the form of dance, chanting etc. followed by a grand parade of all the participants in their traditional costumes.  The four members of Team Mangalore were attired in traditional white dhoti from Mangalore and flying the Indian Flag they participated in the grand parade, which had the feel of Kite Olympics. 
In the festival ground, on the inaugural day, a tower of dry leaves of around 50 feet height was built and people were sticking a long paper written in Korean Language around the tower. 

During the valedictory parade the governor of Uiseong and other members burnt this tower, the flames of which reached the sky. This burning of the tower was done with a belief that all bad things finally turned into ashes and good thinking and dreams reach sky high with flying kites.
The festival had various cultural activities in which Prashant Upadhyaya of Team Mangalore presented Yakshagana dance to the people of South Korea which was well appreciated by the audience and organizers. He presented Yakshagana in Korean language and later explained the theme of the festival and conveyed the wishes to the festival with this dance form. With this dance form presentation, the Team Mangalore had exchanged the south Indian dance form to Korea. 

The team also conducted workshop for the children for making Indian Fighter Kites and with this workshop, the team was appreciated by children too. Mr. Kitayee Ri, the main organizer of the festival was very much attracted with the kites of Team Mangalore, Yakshagana performance of Mr. Prashant, personal traits of Mr. Sarvesh and Nitin Shetty, line art sketches of Mr. Dinesh Holla and overall attitude of the team and was emotionally attached to the team.  Thus the team emerged as a friendly team of Asian continent.

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ismail mat taib, Malaysia Apr 28, 2011
You were very good at the year your team will again do the same things at 17Pasir Gudang world kite festival 2012..

see you

Ismail mat Taib.
Suneel Kamath, Qatar Apr 22, 2011
Hi Prashanth, Holla, Sarvesh & Nitin, you & your team made all Mangaloreans proud. I am very happy that I met you and your team after this event. All the best.
Sujit Prabhu, USA Apr 17, 2011
Congratulations Nitin! You make us proud. All the best in your future endeavours.
J N Rao, India Apr 14, 2011
It was truly wonderful to note the time and patience taken by Team Mangalore to put forward an apt image of true India through their kite flying prowess coupled with their cultural wisdom. It was truly amazing, you are the country's true flag bearers. Best of luck for the future.
J N Rao - Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Mr.Robin McCracken, USA Apr 13, 2011
Magnificent. We can only dream that our Kite Festivals in America would ever reach this level of intensity. The Kite is my life.
Loyola Pinto, UAE Apr 13, 2011
Nice to see you Nitin and your Team Mangalore.

May you'll soar higher!
Mrs. Kanmani Ram, India Apr 11, 2011
Congrats Team Mangalore. Achieve greater heights year by year.
avaneesh Bhat, India Apr 11, 2011
Wonderful and hats off to team Mangalore, the real ambassadors of Indian culture world wide. Congratulatins.

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