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Feb 10, 2016
Mangalore: Get Set to be Used to New Numbers of National Highways
Published Date: 01 May, 2011 (12:36 PM)

Impact News

Mangalore, Apr 21 (7-45  am): All national highways (NH) across India are being renumbered in what is claimed to be a more scientific way than now.

This had been announced as early as April 2010, but the final, comprehensive notification seems yet to come out. The ministy of surface transport and highways had informed the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) about a year ago.

The law ministry has also scrutinized the list. The NHAI sources said that it could take a couple of years for people to get used to the new numbers, but even their website does not give a proper intimation. But, in the long run, the new numbering system is believed to be of great help and convenience.

The present numbering was considered very irrational. Sources said that since there are cases like NH-10 running parallel to NH 1 and NH 58 running parallel to NH 24, a rational revision was necessary.

In the modern days, the public, on an average, could cover distances up to 250 kms in a single day - with better roads this figure could go up to even 1,000 in many cases -  a more scientific numbering system was certainly called for.

Sources said that though the renumbering could look complicated and might take some time for people to get accustomed to, this has been done considering the increasing length of NHs.

In fact, the NH network has increased from 21,378 km in 1947 to 70,934 km. Officials said this could cross one lakh km by 2021.

In the new order of things, highways starting from north to south will be in even numbers and those running in the east-west direction will be in odd numbers.
The primary NHs running along the north-south and east-west directions will be predominantly double digit for better identification by road-users.

In case of NHs with even numbers, the number will increase from east to west and similarly in case of the odd number NHs, the numbers will increase from north to south.

The secondary routes will be in three digits, all 100-plus.

The changes on home territory

Under the new scheme, the NH running along the coastal districts will be NH 66 in place of NH 17, which has been allotted to West Bengal.

The NH 48, from Nelamangala near Bangalore to Mani-Bantwal cutting across the district horizontally, will be NH 75.  The number 48 has been allotted to Delhi-Mumbai-Belgaum-Vellore track.

The other vertical NH from Nantur, Mangalore to Sholapur via Moodbidri, Karkala, Bajagoli and further will, in place of NH 13, be called NH 169.

Here are some main changes:

NH 66: Maharashtra boundary to Goa, running through Honnavar, Udupi, Mangalore, Kasaragod, Kannur, Kozhikode (Calicut), Ferokh, Kuttipuram, Pudu, Ponnani, Chowghat to Cranganore junction, joining NH 44 in Thiruvananthapuram.

NH 73: Bantwal, Beltangady, Charmadi, Mudigere, Belur, Banavara, Arsikere - joining NH 48 at Tumkur.

NH 75: Bantwal (B C Road) to Mani, Uppinangady, Shiradi, Sakleshpur, Hassan, Bangalore, Kolar, Chittoor, Vellore.

NH 169: Starting from NH 69 at Tirthahalli, Koppa, Karkala, Moodbidri, joining NH 66 in Mangalore.


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S.RUDRAMURTHY-Vellore., India Apr 27, 2011
The new NH 75 can be formed from Mangalore- Hassan- Bangalore-Kolar-V.Kotta-Vellore National Highway instead of from Bantwal.
S.RUDRAMURTHY, India Apr 26, 2011
NH 75 is not via Chittoor, the actual route is Bantwal, Shiradi, Hassan, Bangalore, Kolar, Mulbagal, V.kotta, Pernambet,Gudiyatham, katpadi,Vellore.
Anil , Germany Apr 22, 2011
I always wish NH numbering should be in a systematic way. Also they could use alphabets like NH 66A, NH 66B, SH 25A , SH 25B etc.,
A new NH between Mangalore-Mysore-Pondicherry needed. Also Mangalore-Bellary-Hyderabad could be an important link for regions growth.

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