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Feb 08, 2016
Mangalore: Kannada Movie 'Sakkare' - All Set for Sweet Taste of Success
Published Date: 22 May, 2012 (2:30 PM)

By Violet Pereira, Team Mangalorean

Mangalore: Part of the shooting for 'Sakkare', a new Kannada movie produced by Shailaja and the third directorial venture of Mangalore boy-turned-director Abhayasimha, took place in the University College campus at Hampankatta here on May 22.

Speaking to, producer Shailaja, who hails from Bangalore, said that in essence the film 'Sakkare' is a comedy as well as romantic movie.  'Sakkare' means sugar, and sugar is sweet.  She compared life to sugar.  "Whatever comes in life is sweet and every dream is sweet.  Sugar gives taste to any drink or any eatables, to give special taste to the movie we have chosen the name 'Sakkare'," said Shailaja. 

Further she said that the shooting of the movie started from Madikeri on May 14 which went on for 5 days.  "After completing the shooting in Madikeri, had some shots in Suratkal and Tuesday morning we came here to University College to shoot the campus scenes," she added.

Shailaja also said, "I started my career as an artist, then as a producer for television.  I have an advertising agency and I am very happy about my achievements," she proudly said.  About Mangalore and Mangaloreans, she compared the weather with that in Bangalore, "It is very hot, but the people too are very warm. They are nice, fun-loving and very cooperative.  I like Mangalore a lot and feel at home here."

The total crew including lead artistes are 110 in number, including local students.   The lead artistes in the movie are Ganesh and Deepa Sannidhi hailing from Chikmagalur.  Deepa has also acted with Darshan in Sarathi. Deepa is also an alumna of St Aloysius P U College here.

Speaking to, Abhayasimha said that the duration of the movie would be 2.15 hours and the shooting will be completed by the end of July. The film will be released in September or October all over the state.

This is the third movie directed by Abhaya and he is very happy that his two earlier movies 'Gubbacchigalu' and 'Shikari' were successful.  He said, "It is a great feeling to  shoot in my own hometown and I can meet my home people. I stay with my family after the shoot," he said.  He also said, "The shooting will continue in Malpe and then we will go back to Bangalore and decide the next spot for the shooting," he added. wishes 'Sakkare' sweet success and wishes the entire crew a happy stint of shooting in Mangalore. 

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vinay, India Aug 2, 2013
Deepa is gorgeous and very very beautiful. U look amazing in shorts. I am from chickmanglore too. I like u so much. I want u to become top actress.
Nobody, India Oct 24, 2012
I watched Shikari and it put me to sleep. The lead actor looked like he was carved out of stone. We hardly get to see good movies these days and i believe the reason for this is, the intellectuals and the powerful have taken over the domain of art which once rightfully belonged to the artist. The recent release Ellellu Neene Nanallu Neene is a disaster. Remember, you can,t fool the ordinary folk with hype anymore for these people haven't learn t their lessons of life in plushy classrooms tutored by pseudo intellectuals. My fear is that we may not get to see another 'Ghatasradda' considered as among top 100 movies of all time, 'America America' which showcased the simplicity of love, 'Duniya' the only Kannada movie in my opinion that deserved an Oscar. Mungaru Male was simply magical and if you want to know what acting is all about watch Kurudavva in Nagamandala. Today's Movers and Shakers don't know what life means, leave alone the meaning of freedom the two fundamental ingredients of cinema.
Harish N K, India Oct 13, 2012
I am big fan of Deepa sannidi i love your acting i pray your future life will be good.
dhananjay gowda, India Jul 12, 2012
my fevourite heroin
swathy, Australia May 30, 2012
sounds like going to be very good movie, I am from Madikeri, lives in sydney, Australia, my mum told me about this movie, and also she has been shoted wearing coorgie traditional sarie, I was so happy to hear that from her. well good luck, I cant wait to watch this movie, infact I am fan of Ganesh.
thanks from Swathy

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