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Feb 07, 2016
'Aatidonji Kuta' Opens The Tulu Cuisine!
Published Date: 29 Jul, 2007 (6:52 AM)

By Team Mangalorean
Photographs: RK Bhat

MANGALORE July 21:  Aati is that time of the year when the nature is in full bloom. Monsoon is at its most beautiful phase. It is also the time for the Tuluva fraternity to enjoy the nature in their own inimitable way. The main theme being the cuisine!

Nobody enjoys Aati like the Tuluvas. The natives of Tulu Nadu Bunts, Billavas and Mogaveeras scout for those wonderful gifts of the nature in the fields, in the forests and in the urban patches. They forage for those large green leaves which they convert into spicy 'Patravades' baked and fried. Those large leaves of the Teak in which they wrap the jack fruit 'Gattis',  they look for the palm leaves which they weave together in make containers in which they pour the batter of rice and bake it to call 'Moodes' all these come from the nature and all these are very aromatic closer to nature and the ingenuity of local cuisine.

The Karnataka State Tulu Sahitya Academy organizes 'Aatidonji Kuta' every year at this time which is open to only few lucky people who get the invite from the president of the Academy himself. This time it was the honour of Mr. M.K.Seetharam Kulal to get the top people in Tulu to enjoy the feast.  The programme was formally inaugurated with opening the 'Pingara' by Zilla Panchayat President Sushma Janardhan.
Those highly talented ladies of the Tulu families around the district had brought in atleast 30 different types of culinary delights from their homes and each one of them were different in taste, look and aroma which made the gourmets rush to the counters even before they were called to 'get it' .

Basically all vegetarian stuff that included Ambate - Hesaru Ghasi (hog plums and green gram curry) , Patravade upkari (baked mountain lilly leaves cooked with spicy green gram paste) , Moode with Kanile- Hesaru ghasi ( bamboo shoots with green gram curry) Halasina Gatti ( ripe jack fruit baked with rice paste) Giraddi ( grated coconut - Jaggery mix encased in rice batter and covered in Haladi leaves) Halasina Happala (jack fruit pappad) and many more which tantalized the guests with their aroma and taste.
The list of guests included President of the Dakshina Kannada Zilla Panchayat Sushma Janardhan, MLA of Puttur Shakuntala Shetty, Vijayalakshmi Shetty, District Registrar S H Shivarudrappa a host of media people and members of  the Academy and many others.  To Mr. Kulal it is an unforgettable occasion and also an event that should not be missed.

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pramod.rai, Qatar Jul 21, 2012
waw...nice pic
Roopa Shetty, India Oct 4, 2010
I love to see all dishes , my mummy makes & i eat those were lovely & mouth watering as well. I would be happy if the recipes are also given below.
Sushant Poojary, UAE Jul 23, 2007
Very nice article and pictures. Its realy mind blowing. I had never seen this type of foods from last 3-4 years.
I realy Love that 'Neyyi appa'. Thanks alot for posting such pictures. Keep up the nice work.
Rowena Alvares, USA Jul 22, 2007
Oh my love. these pictures are just amazing. i loved the haldichi patholis and ponos patholis. i am very impressed with this page. thank you for posting it.
J Bhandary, USA Jul 22, 2007
R.K. Bhat and Team Mangalorean

Very nice article and pictures. Quite a cultural treat of our home area for readers of to enjoy. Hope you had a chance to taste and enjoy these authentic special dishes. Larger Mangalore area is very special with immense diversity of nature, languages, literature and cuisine. The team is doing a great job in
presenting the richness of this heritage. Keep up the nice work.
Reshma Sanil, Oman Jul 22, 2007
Thank you so much for such a wonderful article and beautiful photos. It displays the true essence and spirit of the month aati we Tuluvas still observe with tradition.
Kamalaksha, UAE Jul 22, 2007
Super Supper!!

Why not there Thojoku with Pelathari?
Raju Pujari, UAE Jul 22, 2007
Haha Bhari Tasty. Mouth Watering...

Aatida Amavaase da Paale da Rasa may be a good item to present.

Anybody can throw light on Aatida Amavase, Paale Juice (White Milky liquid) Possibly very good Medicine. I remember drinking and my mother preparing it on pouring rainy days every year. I do not know if the custom still exists in this Pizza / Macdonalds / Pepsi world...
Rajanikanth Shenoy, India Jul 22, 2007
Simply wonderful presentation there!

Mouth watering array of monsoon delicacies captured at their best by R.K.Bhat, and excellent report to describe them!

Great job, Team Mangalorean!
Reshma Fareed, UAE Jul 22, 2007
Nice article............

the best part is the goodies in the picture which I have not eaten for a very long time. Em home sick and missing my Amma who used to do all this stuff.

Thanks for posting such a lovely article with pictures, my kids who do not know anything about AAti, now know that there is somthing called Aati and all the goodies are made during this time of the rainy season with natures bounty.

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