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Feb 08, 2016
People up in arms against PCPIR-MSEZ
Published Date: 29 Jun, 2008 (11:59 PM)

By Team Mangalorean
Photographs: Rajesh Shetty

Mangalore, June 27, 2008: The proposed Petroleum, Chemical and Petrochemical Investment Region (PCPIR) has been opposed by a large number of groups and organisations and they held a demonstration under the banner of Karavali Karnataka Janabhivriddhi Vedike in front of the Deputy Commissioner's office in the city today.

They were demanding the scrapping of PCPIR and the Mangalore Special Economic Zone which both would take away large extent of land in the Dakshina Kannada particularly the agricultural lands. Over a thousand people including students, and farmers from over 70 villages from four taluks, who will be affected by the proposed project, were gathered during the demonstration.

According to Rajiv Salian of the Nagarika Seva Trust over 80 organisations had participated in the demonstration. The demonstrators have appealed to the Prime Minister stating that the PCPIR will house highly polluting petroleum sector companies which will destroy the eco sensitive coastal zone, fisheries and agriculture.


One  of the activist speakers, Natesh Ullal said that the project was export oriented and it would not benefit the local populace. The highly polluting process of refining the crude oil which will take place here, will be exported to the countries that are avoiding the polluting of their environment. This will not serve any purpose to the local people other than its contributing pollution to the region, he added.

Vinod Mascarenhas who is the representative of the All India Catholic Universities Federation stated that many farmers and agriculturists will be rendered homeless and jobless. “By taking away their land, they will be led to destitution, we will not give up until the project is dropped” he asserted.

District chief of the Jamat -e- Islami Hind Mohammed Kunhi, said the western people were now taking our livelihood and our leaders were succumbing to their pressure.  Citing the apathy of leaders towards the interest of region and people, he said the politicians addressing the rallies shed crocodile tears and were not concerned about the interest of people while SEZ officials were misleading the people with the promises of employment to the locals.

The agitators vouched to continue the protest until the project was dropped. In a unique move the demonstrators sent a fax message to the Prime Minister to intervene in the matter and stall the PCPIR and the MSEZ.

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sampathkumar, India Jul 1, 2008
The goverment whether central or state are not interested in the welfare of its citezens. This shows
that they are interested only in oil and not in foods, health, education etc. Is this a democratic country? I strongly support the Karavali farmers agitation and request them to fight like a bold soldiers to protect their lands from land mafias and greedy babus like the soldiers of the our country.
Nandakumar, India Jun 28, 2008
I support the people cause. The officials are promoting just for making money and snatching the right to live of the people.
Rajesh (Mangalore- Dubai), UAE Jun 28, 2008
The people should put pressure on the recently elected MLA's and unless they should not be allowed to come to Mangalore unless they take bold steps like Goa government which has requested the Denotification of SEZ's in the state. Also RTI should be used to get the proposals which has been sent by the promoters to centre/state for approval before getting the SEZ appoval.
Rupesh Lobo, UAE Jun 28, 2008
The developers of these ZEZ's are making quick money at the expense of the farmers. The compensation for the farmers for the land is far less then the market value. The developers should be forced to take the land from the farmers which is arrived by considering the end use of the land. Professional real estate service providers such as Cushman & Wakefield, CBRE, DTZ, JLLM etc should be engaged in the valuation by the leaders. This willl help the farmers to atleast to get a fair value for their land holdings.
Alwyn D'souza, Canada Jun 27, 2008
Dear Readers,

I love Mangalore with my heart becasue it is green and clean place of this earth. First of all MRPL is a major problem in polluting the clean weather there in Mangalore. Now 75,000 acres of land is allocated to MSEZ which mainly for petrochicmal company is a hell of life of my parents, brothers, sister and my Mangalorean freinds.

Wake up Karnataka Government to see the interest of your people first in that region. Farmers are suffering with stress of losing their land and you ministers(MLA'S) are having fun with pockets full of money taking bribe from these companies.

Mangaloreanns be strong. Go with full oppositions to stop these polluting industries in our great land of Mangalore.

Alwyn D'souza
Mangalore, (Canada)

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