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Feb 06, 2016

Gurupur: 'Kori Katta' draws maximum crowd

Published Date: 14 Nov, 2008 (11:51 PM)

By Team Mangalorean
Pics: Suresh Vamanjoor

Gurupur, November 10, 2008: This little town which now in the grip of a folk festival and Kambla had one more attraction on Sunday. Hundreds of people belonging to the local areas coming from Moodbidri, Kaikamba, Vamanjoor and many other places each carried a cock for the Kori Katta. The Cock Fight which is a traditional sport here is an annual feast also.
About 300 pairs of cocks coming from all the above mentioned places vied with each other till late night near the Kambla track. The robust looking fouls all tied up to the wooden stumps in the open field was a sight to see. At the time of the fight each Cock was tied with a sharp knife to their legs and during the fight each of them conscious of their newly acquired weapon tried to dip it into each others bodies. The victor was given a round of first aid while the vanquished was taken away by the victor's owner and ends up on his plate for the dinner.


















Santhosh Poojary who is a punter in cock fight says that the meat of the vanquished cock generally is very tasty and the best dish they make is the Kori Sukka and Kori Ghashi and savored with either rotti or boiled rice.  The 'Kattada Kori' as it is called fetches a good rate in the market.
For living fighter cock the going rate was Rs. 3000 and are brought from Salem and Trivandrum atleast before 3 months. The owners of the fighter cock feed special feed for the cocks and make them fighting fit.
Though there is a ban on cock fight the locals feel that it was a tradition and not a gamble. But the stakes in each cock fight go up to Rs. 10,000 and in very prestigious fights the stakes go up to Rs.1 lakh also Poojary  adds.

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SAKTHI, Spain May 10, 2015
Just I want to know the places of korikatta.
Paul Stephen, Switzerland Oct 24, 2009
those of you who encourage cockfighting, here is a better way of doing it:

1) tie the knife on each other's legs i.e, your legs. (instead of the cock's leg).

2) begin to fight among one another and see the fun.

3) It is not important who the losers are...because everyone are the victors for money.

4) You 'men' become the meat on each other's plate for dinner at the end and taste your meats.

There is nothing to lose!
Thank you:)

In the love of Christ,
Paul Stephen
VIVIAN L P D SOUZA, Qatar Nov 11, 2008
Great photo's mangalorean com, you reminded me of my childhood days, its great Tuluva sport...this is very much part of our tulu nadu's culture and tradition let our rural folks enjoy this game..
Austin Prabhu, USA Nov 10, 2008
Guys, I feel the same way when I see people fighting for titles, money and fame - boxing, kick boxing, wrestling (US Style), where opponents bleed in the ring! All this should be banned too as human beings are much more superior than animals!
Mike Jones Kansas USA, USA Nov 10, 2008
For those who oppose cockfighting, I think it is because they know little or nothing about the sport and tradition. What I think they might be better off doing is have more compassion for their fellow man and his traditions, heritage and culture. Mike Jones Kansas USA
Shenoy, India Nov 10, 2008
there is a ban on cock fight -News quote

Cock fight is one of the most uncivilised sports of the by gone era.It is cruel to the animal. This game must be banned and the organisers of such activities should be fined.

Similarly, bull fight is also cruelty. These types of hames cater to the base human instivts and appeal to the uncultured minds which need education.Our people should know better than this trash.
Jerome, India Nov 10, 2008
If you can gamble in the stock market, why not on Cock Fight.

At least the Roosters are fighting for their life and are honest that way compared to the corporate crooks who are out to steal money in the stock exchange.
Lancy, India Nov 10, 2008
Kori Katta, Kambla, Kutti Dhonney are the traditional cultural sports of Tulu Nadu.

For those who want to Ban them, well you do not have any business to force your morality on others.

If you do not want to watch them then fine, but you cannot force our rural folk who have enjoyed these sports from ancestral times to stop enjoying them. They are very much part of the Tulu Nadu culture and traditions.
Rao, USA, USA Nov 10, 2008
If Kori Katta can not be banned, why not have dog fights and many other forms of animal torture as entertainment and step back into ancient Roman ring fights?
Siva Narain, India, India Nov 10, 2008
Bull fights, Jalli Kattu (of Tamil Nadu), Kori Katta, etc. true they are inhuman and cruel. Avoid sharp blades and let cocks fight natural way without knives. The one lost will run away chased by the winner. If betting on horse race is allowed, why not cock fights? People must be educated sensibly bet with limit. I'm bit amused the kori katta cock is delicious on the platter. What about poor hens? Don't they lay golden eggs?
Bob, UAE Nov 10, 2008
Why can't we tie a blade on the cock's master's toe and let them fight each other? I bet that will be a great watching. Guys Pls. have mercy on those poor things.
Lavnya, India Nov 10, 2008
If eating chicken is ok...then y not the kori katta...?
Simon Francis Lasrado,Bangalore, India Nov 10, 2008
Killing of animals and eating their meat is permitted,
Killing of birds, fowls and eating thier flesh is permitted,
Kambala is allowed where buffaloes are subjected to cruelty.
But why this kind of attitude towards the Korikatta?
Jossie , UAE Nov 10, 2008
Kori Katta was banned not just because of betting, but also CRUELTY TO ANIMALS.

It's wrong for humans to derive pleasure by forcing helpless animals into this cruel bloody sport of torture.
Vinay, India Nov 10, 2008
Is it leagl to arrange Cock Fight and abuse the Cocks?

If harming Cows is illegal, how come Cock Fight is not ?

Govt. must ban Cock Fight to save these cocks getting abused.
Simon Francis Lasrado,Bangalore, India Nov 10, 2008
Good photographs..Thanks to for lovely coverage. I wonder why the local administration ban this Kori Katta tradition when they encourage Kambala. Betting will be there in both the games. Last time when we visited Kemman near Udipi to see this Kori Katta, we were not allowed to see this. Anyway bold step by to publish the tradition of kori katta.

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