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Feb 08, 2016

Dacoit with Hindu outfit links behind Hubli blast

Published Date: 13 Jan, 2009 (11:43 PM)

Bangalore Jan 14: A Karnataka dacoit with links to a radical Hindu right wing group has confessed to having carried out the Hubli district court bombing of May 10, 2008.

The blast took place as the first phase of polling for the Karnataka Assembly elections was on - in a magistrateís courtroom where cases against top Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) leaders including Safdar Nagori were scheduled to be heard two days later. The courtroom was empty at the time, but the building suffered extensive damage. The investigation was not concluded, but SIMI was widely believed to have been responsible.

Police in the northern Karnataka district of Bagalkot arrested 24-year-old Nagaraj Jambagi and eight associates on New Yearís Eve for robbing and murdering a businessman on December 29. The gang was also found to have been involved in three other murders, a kidnapping for ransom and robberies of over Rs 20 lakh over the past two years. Jambagi, however, led investigators to a more significant finding.

"Following his arrest Jambagi confessed to his role in the Hubli court blast of 2008. When we searched his house it led to the discovery of a pipe bomb. We donít know what group he is associated with. We are trying to find that out," Inspector General of Police, Northern Division, Raghavendra Auradkar said.

According to the official police version, Jambagi and his gang are primarily dacoits who planted the bomb in a bid to "eliminate terrorists and anti-nationals", so that their criminal activities would be covered up, and they would earn sympathy.

Sources in the state police intelligence however told The Indian Express that Jambagi and two others in his gang - Ramesh Pawar and Lingaraj Jalagar, both 24 and from Bagalkot - "are members of a radical right wing Hindu group". The police were trying to find out "who was controlling their activities", a senior officer said.

Sources in Hubli said Jambagi at one point had links with the Sri Rama Sena, a right wing group started by the firebrand former Bajrang Dal leader from the region, Pramod Mutallik. Mutallik, however, denied any knowledge or association with Jambagi. "This is a mass organisation. Lots of people come and go. We canít keep track of everyone. The police have only connected him to Hindu groups, not to the Sri Rama Sena," he said.

IGP Auradkar said Jambagi had obtained the bombs from one Hanumant Arjun Sainsakali, a 22-year-old technical diploma student from Indi on the Maharashtra border. Investigations in the aftermath of the blast showed the bomb was similar to the one used in the May 18, 2007 blast at Hyderabadís Mecca Masjid.

The possibility of the involvement of Hindu radicals in the Mecca Masjid blast is under investigation. In the Maharashtra ATSís investigation of the Malegaon blast - for which several Hindu activists have been arrested - no connections to Karnataka have so far emerged, sources said.

The Indian Express

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shaheed, UK Jan 14, 2009
everybody is taking advantage of religous conflict. One of my minority friend who was prisoned for something he had not comitted and unrelated to religion was threatened in the main mangalore jail that if he does not bribe then he will put in the cell with bajrang dal/ rama sena members who will teach him a lesson.
Santhosh, Qatar Jan 14, 2009
"Pramod Mutallik. Mutallik, however, denied any knowledge or association with Jambagi. "This is a mass organisation. Lots of people come and go. We canít keep track of everyone"

He knows to build a fanatic group and boast himself to be a leader of it, which only knows to spread voilence.......and then openly accepts his foolishness to say WE CANT KEEP A TRACK OF EVERYONE!!

Sunil Kumar, India Jan 14, 2009
Slowly but surely the truth is coming out. Looks like RSS/BJP outfits organise crimes here and there and accuse the minority community immediately thereafter to gain political advantage by creating the communal divide. What a pity. The so called nationalists are busy in harming the nation for personal gains.
NAJM Batrekere, Bajpe, India Jan 14, 2009
Harold, there is always a pressure on police, they cant work independently, so accordingly police department works with pressure, resulting innocents arrest and get diverted from core issue plus waste of time. On the other hand terrorists enters our country and the cities and do their work, either they die or get arrested like KASAB or get back to the base.

Remember every Policeman is not KARKARE ! It take ages to produce Officer like Karkare!

However, "SATYA MEVA JAYATE" everything will come out as time passes. But its unfortunate that innocents get arrested and tortured & their career & life is destroyed, seems thatís what desi terrorist wants.
Sourya Prakasha, Permude, India Jan 14, 2009
In our village, Yenkappa the Tender coconut (Bonda) thief, died 6 years back... but each such theft in our village, still first accused is YENKAPPA !!.

Moral of the story is....
Tathagata Gowda, India Jan 14, 2009
Same Indian Express wrote that Colonel Purohit used 70 KG RDX for Samjhauta blasts- remember? ATS under Karkare bungled the whole issue, though retracted later.

State Govt, Center, RAW, IB- all opposed that claim by Indian Express and ATS.

No wonder, Saheed Karkare spent 90% of his last one month behind "Malegaon Blasts" , and we saw Mumbai outrage lasting for 60 years.

Indian Express playing same game- some learn from mistakes. Some never learn.
Harold D'cunha, Mangalore, India Jan 14, 2009
What a shame. We never dreamt this will ever happen in India. Whenever there was bomb blast, the entire media was pointing fingers at SIMI & similar type of outfits. So many innocent youngsters are behind bars for which they are not party at all. On the other side, other radical right wing religious fanatic outfit canvass to eradicate terrorism by pointing fingers at minority community.
Here one question arises. Any religious fanatic extremist outfit without the support of religious leaders cannot function under religious name. Request the police authorities to nab these leaders along with the culprits.
Another question also arises. Is the Home Minister incapable of handling his portfolio or are these extremist outfits derive any patronage within govt. ministry?

We appreciate the tough job handled by the police of Karnataka and their bold disclosure of these type of incidents. We understand they will be under tremendous pressure. Well done police. We wish you all the best.

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