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Feb 06, 2016

Mangalore: Tulu introduced in four private high schools

Published Date: 23 Jul, 2009 (8:35 PM)

MANGALORE July 24: Karnataka Tulu Sahitya Academy has introduced Tulu for eighth standard students at four private high schools in Dakshina Kannada on an experimental basis from this academic year.

Academy president Palthady Ramakrishna Achar told The Hindu that the four high schools have begun teaching Tulu as a language subject from July 15.

They are Alva’s High School, Moodbidri; Dattanjaneya High School, Odiyoor; Ramakunjeshwara English-medium High School, Ramakunja; and Vani Composite Pre-University College, Belthangady.

These schools do not get grants from the Government. The authorities managing these schools showed interest to teach Tulu, he said.

Mr. Achar said the academy had prepared the syllabi. It comprises prose, poetry, Tulu grammar and introduction to Tulu script. The textbook on prose comprises two texts titled “Koti-Chennaya” and “Bhootala Pandya” and the textbook on poetry had 15 poems.

The academy trained eight teachers as two each from four schools recently on teaching Tulu. It will provide honorarium to them.

He said the schools would teach Tulu for two periods in a week totalling 60 periods in the academic year. The teachers would conduct the tests and the examination and the academy would issue certificates to students who had passed the examination.

Mr. Achar said that in each such school there were two categories of students those who knew Tulu and others. Of the two teachers in each such school one would teach Tulu for those who knew it and other would teach it to those students who did not know the language.

He said that 10 private high schools, including the four schools where Tulu was being taught now, had shown interest to teach Tulu. It would be extended to other schools after assessing the pros and cons of this experiment.

Mr. Achar said the Government had not yet permitted the academy to introduce Tulu from the sixth standard. It had not permitted it to introduce Tulu for the VIII standard.

However, the academy had introduced it for the eighth standard on its own as managements of the four high schools responded quickly to the proposal.

Tulu in Kerala

Mr. Achar said that the Government Degree College at Kasaragod in Kerala had introduced a certificate course in Tulu from this academic year. It had introduced Tulu as an optional subject in its Kannada post-graduation course from this academic year. It had adopted syllabi from the books published from the Karnataka Tulu Sahitya Academy.


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aishwarya.shetty, India Sep 20, 2011
Tulu should be introduced in private high schools in Dakshina Kannada on an experimental basis from this academic year.
i loveeee tulu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
K.CHANDRAHAS, India Aug 22, 2009
tulu should be encouraged as it has contributed a lot to the state why only state to the nation. yediyurappa may not be knowing the sweetness of tulu because he cannot understand it. But believe me he is not ultimate some one like george fernandes or veerappa moily may do some thing.
Shenoy, India Aug 3, 2009
Is he waiting to for Tulu to become extinct & then build a memorial. -Pavan

Have you requested the CM for any action to save Tulu Mr Pavan? Have you at least requested some one like Mr J Poojary to speak on behalf of you or people with similar feelings? How will the CM know that some one like Pavan exists unless they make it known?

By the way do you really feel the way you have expressed here? Or is it something with a political angle?
Pavan, India Aug 3, 2009
Just wanted to know why Mr CM has not cleared the bill to teach Tulu in schools.

Is he waiting to for Tulu to become extinct & then build a memorial. This nothing but cultural HOMICIDE by pro Kannada organisation. Rather Kerala government is much better .They have started Tulu certificate course .
Raj, Saudi Arabia Jul 24, 2009
Nice to hear Tulu is being taught in schools. We have to encourage tulu language and gradually we should introduce Tulu for official purposes in atleast South kanara and Udupi districts.
Sharath K, India Jul 24, 2009
More stress has to be given to teach correct grammer and daily usage Tulu rather than obsolete lessons from old Tulu songs & literature. The literature form of Tulu could be reserved as a specialization course at degree level.
SATHISH, Netherlands Jul 23, 2009
Supper, this is one of the best way to preserve the language ,........ unfortunately there are no good websites on full information on TULU scripts.
Shenoy, India Jul 23, 2009
This will also help outsiders to learn Tulu. NRI children who have been habituated to English can be encouraged to take few classes in Tulu. Similar classes in Konkani can also be arranged for GSB and Catholic children raised elsewhere but still connected to Mangalore. No harm in learning a language.

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